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A Few Things We Get Asked Often

  • Do-u-regret2

    I Do Not Have Time To Practise The Piano. How Do I Learn?

    To answer that question we are going to fall back upon something we have mentioned many times before. With the correct piano lessons, meant for adult beginners, you do not have to spend hours on learning and practicing the piano every single day. You will make stupendous progress by just practicing for half an hour. […]

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  • learn piano from a teacher

    Isn’t It Better To Learn Piano From A Teacher Than Teach Yourself?

    Definitely. It is wonderful to learn from our teacher. Joining a piano class is also a very enjoyable experience. But even if you begin to learn from a teacher or join a piano class we highly recommend that you have a set of self learning piano lessons as well. Here are the reasons why. A […]

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  • How-long-playing1

    Is It Too Late To Learn The Piano? Am I Too Old?

    The answer to that question is an unequivocal and resounding ‘no’. It is never too late for you to learn the piano and you are never too old for it. There are so many people like you would like to pick up playing a musical instrument later on in the lives. The reasons for it […]

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  • piano-slave2

    I Am An Intermediate Piano Player – Can These Lessons Still Help Me?

    If you look at the contents of this piano course you will see that it includes e-books on blues, jazz and classical piano. These books are accompanied by video and audio lessons as other all the other books in the course. We think that these lessons are ideal for the intermediate piano player. You will […]

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  • piano-guitar2

    I am a complete beginner – are these lessons right for me?

    If you’re a complete newbie and are beginning to learn the piano for the first time these lessons are just the right choice for you. If you have taken a look at the product page you may have noticed that there are 10 books in the entire course. Book one starts right at the beginning […]

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  • singer-cartoon2

    Can I learn the piano by myself?

    I think no matter how good the lessons people often tend to doubt if they can start learning the piano by themselves. This is a very normal mindset for someone who has absolutely no experience with playing the piano and or any other instrument for that matter. For this reason, many people find the idea […]

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