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First of all, Pianoforall tends to have the same dis-advantage that all self teaching piano guides have. A person learning about music for the first time and having no knowledge what so ever will find it a scary prospect to take on the piano by themselves. This has not so much to do with the piano guide itself rather than the psyche of the person who has never attempted to learn a musical instrument before.

Therefore, Pianoforall might appeal more to people with some experience with learning the piano or any other musical instrument before. People who have learnt a music instrument before are much more confident about using a self learning guide to learn the same or a new instrument. It is just in out nature to feel confident about learning something in the physical presence of a teacher. At least, initially.

Pianoforall does not get in to a LOT of music theory or very technical aspects like pedalling. There are complete books that have been written on the art of pedalling. What is simply does is, it teaches you how to PLAY. Practise is required to make you good at the piano but the complete piano course delves in to all kinds of piano styles from rhythms to blues to jazz and classical piano. You will learn a lot from this course.

This is perhaps the singular factor that makes Pianoforall stand apart from all other piano books. You learn a lot of things and many different styles and genres.

Even most of the mainstream piano learning book skip over even teaching you the things that you will learn with Pianoforall. The piano books that we have seen either focus of making you learn how to read music or assume that you do.

If you are a raw beginner, Pianoforall will give you the confidence to learn your self by making things as simple as they can to begin learning the piano.

If you have learnt piano before, Pianoforall is the way to pick up things where you left off. You will experience a surge of progress.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this Pianoforall review. We believe in the effectiveness of these lessons and highly recommend it to everyone. Even the ones who have been playing for years.

This is one piano guide and course that you must have in your collection. Besides, everyone must have a self learning piano guide. It will always be there with you to teach you new things.

You can post your own Pianoforall review here by commenting on this page. We recommend that you get the full trial and experience it for yourself. 

You have full 2 months to try out the piano lessons. If you do not think they are for you for any reason, you can get your money refunded back with a single click.

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