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What are Pianoforall piano lessons? 

Pianoforall is an online piano learning course. It consists of 10 ebooks, over 200 videos and 500 audio lessons. All of this is compiled in a single package. Each ebook has its own set of video and audio lessons. When you open the ebook in Adobe Acrobat ( pdf reader) you can access the videos and audios easily by clicking the links in the book. You do not need to run separate applications to view the video. The video pops open within the ebook it self.

In this Pianoforall review we discovered quiet a few advantages. Pianoforall is different from all other piano books and courses that you have probably seen so far.

This is how your ebook looks on the computer… Read, see and hear your piano lessons all the same time!

Piano video and audio lessons


These piano lessons move away with conventional methods of learning the piano that most other lessons tend to follow. You start straightway with learning piano chords and every thing else follows on the basis of that knowledge.

Hence the claim “ Sound good on the piano from day one”. Conventional methods of learning piano will have you studying sheet music and practicing finger formation for weeks before you play anything. Pianoforall teaches you all of this but by teaching you to actually play the piano.

Pianoforall introduces your favorite artists and popular numbers as a ‘method’ to practice and even learn to read sheet music. So while you are learning the essentials of piano playing and music theory you are doing this in a much more interesting way through songs that you know and like to play.

You will quickly pick up the skills that will enable you play any musical genre of your liking. The very first set of lessons you will learn are the ‘Rhythm Style’ piano akin to that of the Beatles, Cold Play, Elton John and Billy Joel, among others. These classics are definitely fun and will take you step-by-step through each and every rhythm and chord you’ll ever need.

Pianoforall is designed to streamline your progress with piano learning. You stay inspired and make fast progress. And it is quiet true what the guide claims. You do sound good on the piano right from the start. The secret lies is learning to play the piano with chords which this piano course exemplifies beautifully.

Once the basics have been mastered, the subsequent lessons will teach you Blues, Pop, Rock n’ Roll, Ballads, Jazz, and Classical Piano. 

There are 10 books in the entire course. You do waste anytime getting on the piano and start with your first piano chords and rhythms straight away. Even better? You learn them to play to some great songs.

The Pianoforall is no way a limited course. 

It covers the ground for all styles of piano playing comprehensively. And it is full of knowledge and information from years of experience of Robin Hall.

Pianoforall includes Robin’s tricks of easy piano, formulas, memorisation techniques, as well as his signature ‘bluffs’, which all aid to speed up the learning process. There is an entire book to “Speed Learn” piano.

Special piano lessons for the iPad.

This is actually a pretty great thing about these lessons. You also get a special version that can be loaded on to your iPad and other tablets as well. All you piano books and your video lessons can be put on your tablet. Can you imagine the many advantages of this? For one, you can just open the iPad on top of your piano or keyboard and play your lessons from it just like a music book.

One of the most comprehensive and fun ways to learn the piano online. 

The one thing we hear very often from subscribers is that Pianoforall helped them learn more when they had hit a wall  with other piano guides and lessons.

People are mostly amazed at how much they start learning and how quickly when their piano learning progress seemed to have stalled earlier. We hear from so many people who picked up playing the piano again after years just because of Pianoforall and the novel approach it takes to piano learning easier and so much more enjoyable.

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