Piano Tutorials For Adult Beginners – Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, Pop and Classical

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This is the QUICKEST and the most EFFECTIVE method of learning the piano.

“Learning method is everything!” As an adult beginner, you will enjoy the unique style of these lessons. This is a chord based piano learning program. That means the first thing you will learn are piano chords and rhythms, and based on that foundation you will progress on to all other genres like blues, rock n’ roll, pop, ballads, jazz and classical piano.

One thing we can promise you… is that these lessons are direct, straightforward and the most effective piano learning system you have come across. You will sound GREAT from day one!



Introducing the most effective system and method of learning piano in the world. This is what you get when you download the full course.

Learn piano steps

  • 10 Books to learn all genres of piano starting with piano chords and some great rhythms in Book 1. You will learn Rhythm Piano, Ballad, Pop, Blues, Ragtime, Rock N’ Roll, Jazz & Classical Piano.
  • 200 video lessons to guide you every single step of the way.
  • 500 audio lessons. You will be able to read, see and hear your piano lessons at the same time. NO OTHER piano tutorial offers you this.


The videos and the audio lesson are embedded in the PDF book itself. All you have to do it click the icons in the book to watch the video or listen to the audio lesson. Everything is right where you need it.


Fully compatible with all devices

Won’t it be wonderful to have your piano lessons with you all the time? To read or view them anywhere and anyhow you wish?

These piano lessons work on all devices from your phones to your computers and tablets. You can also print them out if you like.


Did we mention a 60 days full money back guarantee?

If for any reason you are un-satisfied with your lessons after downloading them, simply ask for a refund. There are no questions asked and all refunds are processed within 48 hours. So you really have nothing to loose. Order and try out these lessons today.

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P.S. : Leave this page without downloading if you are already proficient at playing the piano. Otherwise you have no reason for not trying out these piano lessons. They are the clearest and  the most comprehensive set of piano tutorials we have come across online. They are the best value for money that ANY adult piano learner can hope for. Try them out. You will not regret it.



Can I learn the piano myself?

 Can understand and follow instructions provided in a book and demonstrated in video lessons.Each person has a different talent for learning a musical instrument. One person might pick up things faster than another. Just like someone who already has little knowledge of playing music will pick up self taught piano lessons faster. That being said, you can learn to play the piano yourself if you:

  1. Are ready to put in at least half an hour of practice every day.
  2. Are passionate about learning piano and do not mind learning by yourself. Of course you can share your lessons with a partner and learn together to make things more interesting. 

These lessons assume that you have never ever touched or seen a piano keyboard before. So the lesson will start you from the very beginning. You can learn the piano yourself successfully provided you choose the right piano lessons. We have seen scores of books and online lessons. And we HIGHLY recommend that you start with these piano lessons for the most trouble free and streamlined introduction to piano playing.

How difficult is the piano as an instrument to learn?

Between a guitar and piano, a piano is the easier instrument to learn. Anybody would have a slight difficulty believing that if it wasn’t for Robin Hall and his amazing piano lessons. When you ask how difficult learning something is, no matter what it is, the answer really depends on two things. First, your own talent and skill at picking things up and second, what are you drawing a comparison to? Learning the piano is easier than learning virtually any other instrument you can think of like a flute, saxophone etc.

I have never learned playing the piano, can I still learned with these lessons? 

This is the central theme and idea behind these piano lessons. To help you learn the piano from scratch and progress rapidly. Even if you have never played the piano before you will be amazed at how much and how fast you run. And so will all your family and friends. Get ready to hear this a lot. “How long have you been playing?”. Get started today.

Is it too late for me to learn the piano?

We get asked this question many times. A lot of us decide to pick up learning the piano later on in life because of several reasons.  Whatever the reason, the question still stands.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is no age limit to start learning the piano. It is going to be great no matter in which stage of life you decide to pick it up. 

Also don’t worry about it taking too long to learn. These piano lessons are specially meant for adult beginners. You can shave of years of learning as compared to conventional piano lessons. It’s true.

If you are still concerned about your question and have some specific reason in mind, do write in and ask us your question.

I am an intermediate piano player. Can these lessons still help me?

The piano course starts at the very beginning but if you are intermediate players you can jump straight away to your section of choice. You can start learning advanced piano chords, blues piano, jazz and all the classics. The “speed learning” and “bumper resource” books will show you how to master some amazing techniques, which otherwise are only known to professional piano players.

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You too can discover the secrets of playing the piano effortlessly. Within minutes you will have access to piano lessons that will surprise you and everyone else with how much and how you can learn to play the piano!



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