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I have always found singing on the piano to be singularly beautiful. There is something about the whole affair that gives me the goose bumps every time.

From the earliest time, my fascination with playing the piano was about how great it sounds in each and every song its used in. I always noticed that.

This post is not about playing the piano. Its also not about learning to sing on the piano. Its about learning to sing as beautifully as you could wish. Its about singing anywhere and anyhow you wish and sounding like a pro.

People who love to sing, sing for all reasons and occasions. That is never a limitation. I am the same. I primarily love to sing. A piano or a guitar is an accompaniment.

I sing on stage, in bands and with friends and family. In fact we do this a lot. Friends love to get together and get me to sing. They sing along. Everyone loves it. All occasions call for it. I consider myself lucky to have a set of people around me who share the same joy and pleasure that I get from singing.

With loving to sing, comes the wish to sing well. Become better at it. The better you sing the more you enjoy it and so does everyone else around you. Some people are born with a gift. They can sing. I know I was. But there was always a lot of scope for improvement. I could sing better than the average, but I always thought I could be better.

“When you have the natural talent or the love of an art form, you can get better at it more easily than others.”

That is the reason why I am writing this post. If you are interested in improving your singing like I am, I would like to recommend an online singing course that will really help you.

These online singing lesson have been created by a world renowned coach and pretty much cover all solid ground. It is a popular singing course with great testimonials. You can read them all here.

If you want to learn how to sing well, or want to improve on your talent, this is a great place to start. Click this link to go the download page.

Memorising Lines And Spaces On Music Sheet

MEMORISING THE LINES AND SPACES I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase “Every Good Boy Deserves Football” and of course this is used to help memorise the lines of the Right Hand staff in musical notation. This really IS the best way to do it.

Knowing the notes on the lines and spaces and of the music sheet, I.e. both on the Treble and the Bass staff is the key to reading the music. This is the first step and albeit a simple one. However, getting familiar with the notes on the music sheet can take time and practise in spite of being simple. We encourage you to devote as much time as possible doing this. You do not have to do anything complicated as practise. Just observe the diagrams given below and memorise them. Of course reading and playing at the same time helps you to get familiar with the lines and spaces of the music sheet as well.

Before you can read or write any music, the 1st thing you will need to do is memorize which line on the musical staff stands for which no. You need to get extremely familiar with this.

In order to memorize, there are certain easy remembering tactics and mnemonics that are used. I use the following.

Mnemonics to help you memorize the notes on a staff

RIGHT HAND LINES – Every Good Boy Deserves Football


LEFT HAND LINES – Good Boys Don’t Frighten Animals, Great Beethoven’s Deafness Frustrated All (G-B-D-F-A)

LEFT HAND SPACES –  A C E Garage, All Cows Eat Grass (A-C-E-G)

Notice that the Lines and Spaces above and below the Right Hand lines have the same pattern. This is the same for the Left Hand. USE ALL THE C NOTES AS ROUGH GUIDES. If you memorise the position of the C notes. this will help you ‘get your bearings’.

C notes on music sheet

Note Finder that you can print for reference and for memorising.

Music sheet note finder

The Secret Of Playing Piano By Ear

Playing by ear

The one big secret for learning to play the piano by ear is to learn how to play piano chords.

When you learn to play the piano with chords, you get attuned to the way the notes work in a song. You understand the chord and notes pattern of a song. That means you whenever you hear a song you can easily apply a scale and the chords to it.

Since the notes in chords make up the notes of most of the song , you know exactly what keys need to play. Playing the piano by ear is very liberating. You no longer have to rely on to get your hands on a music sheet or someone to teach you a song before you can play it yourself. In fact as you become proficient, playing the piano by ear will be the way for you to learn new songs. Learning to play the piano by ear makes you are more impromptu player as well. This style of playing is ideal for parties and singing along with friends when you are doing one number after another on request. And it is really not all that difficult. Of course you need to have an ear for music. But besides that when you learn piano chords well, you will realise that you can very easily mould any song on the piano on a short notice.

Another important part of playing the piano by ear is to learn the piano rhythms. Piano For All takes care of this for you as well. In fact, the first 2 books are all about piano chords and rhythms. After moving you down this path, the course quickly teaches you how you you can use the same rhythms and chords to play piano jazz and blues. It really is fantastic what all you can do when you have mastered the chords not the piano.

Surprisingly, many proficient piano players who have been playing for many years are severely handicapped when it comes to playing the piano by ear. They have been trained to read the sheet music and they can do this backwards. They can very expertly translate the notes that they read to music on the piano. But tell them to improvise on an unpractised song and they find themselves at sea. You can prevent this from happening to you by not becoming a slave to sheet music. This is because they have been trained to do just that. Learn how to play the piano by ear and you will never be short of numbers to play and sing along on the piano.

All the musicians of any age have played the piano by ear. In fact playing the piano by ear is the only way original music can come in to being. The great composers whose music piano students are supposed to read and memorise were playing the piano by ear only. They were not reading anyone else’s music and were in many cases not formally trained in music theory as well. Even the contemporary piano players and musicians use a cheat sheet. A piano cheat sheet is not the complete music sheet at all but a very abridged version that has some information about the song such as the chords being played. The rest is up to the musician to improvise.

Learning to play the piano by ear is very liberating. You can play pretty much any song on the piano. Some songs might take longer than others to master, but you will no longer be dependent on someone to teach you or look for lessons online to play the songs you want. You will be able to improvise quickly whenever the situation arises. The truth is that once you have learnt how to play the piano by ear, you will be able to play almost all the songs, especially sing along. Coming out with exact renditions of classic piano symphonies is going to take more work but you will gradually get better.

Piano For All will show you mostly all you need to know about playing the piano by ear. All you need is to know the right approach and the right music knowledge. Careful listening to music and following the course method set by Piano For All will train you to play by the ear as well. By the end of the course you will be in a position to take on any song or composition of choice. In fact, you will not have to wait till the end of the course. By the end of Book 1 of this course you will be well attuned to the sound of various chords and all the basic piano rhythms.

The Piano Is A Good Teacher

Piano is a good teacher of music

You don’t have to repeat unfortunate experiences of learning piano you had in your younger years.

Piano is a great teacher. Learning to play the piano as an adult is very different to when you had to take involuntary piano classes in school or otherwise. Many times these piano lessons were forced and you weren’t really interested in learning about music. However, things have changed a lot since then haven’t they? You do not want to relive the boring and mundane lessons that you had to go through. You do not wish to have boring music theory classes. Well, the good news is that you won’t.

The approach and method of learning piano is a lot different when you are an adult beginner.

The approach to learning the piano has changed and so has everything else with it. As an adult beginner who is in control of their own leaning you will quickly realise a few things including how a shift in the piano Learning can make a world of difference to your progress. The truth is that the piano is an excellent learning instrument of music. It is a wonderful teacher of music theory. By putting all the notes and scales under your fingertips in a neatly arranged pattern of black and white keys, it gives you an accurate visual representation of how music is working.

A lot of the popular, classic and legendary music has been written on and for the piano.

It is no surprise that much of the classic music by legendary composers has been written on and for for piano. As an adult beginner you do not have to spend hours studying music theory from books. There is a lot of difference in reading from the Books and actually playing it on the keyboard. We firmly believe in the approach of playing and learning at the same time. Not only does this keep things interesting but actually helps you progress faster as well.

Yours is the advantage when you when you learn music on the piano. 

As a student of piano Learning you have an advantage. The piano is an excellent teacher of music and music theory. Even if you do not feel particularly inclined to learn the theory bit, trust us when we tell piano that it is not going to be as difficult as you think. Nor is it going to be boring. Do not slip in to the mindset of all those years back when you were subjected to hours of boring music classes. This time around you are going to have fun. In fact you should ensure that while learning to play the piano, you keep things and fresh and infesting for yourself.

Piano For All does the trick in teaching you to play piano like you did not think possible. And in record time.

This is where Piano For All deserves a mention. It is the most contemporary method of piano learning that we have come across. It is also one of the best online piano courses available on the Internet. It takes on a wonderful approach of building your piano basic by teaching you to play piano chords. Even the music theory you will learn will start with piano chords. So you are going to be playing the piano, sounding great and learning music theory all at the same time.

All the best!

Why Learn Piano And Not Any Other Instrument

Reasons To Learn Piano – Advantages of Learning Piano

advantages of learning the piano

There are so many great reasons why one ought to choose piano as an instrument to learn and play.

First of all, learning music, to play or to sing is a wonderful hobby or passion to have. It had been aptly said that music is the food for the soul. People who love listening to music without necessarily playing or creating music can vouch for it. Imagine then the joys of not being just an observer but a creator of music as well.

As already said music is the food for soul. Music is a language of its own. It has the power to transcend barriers and reach straight to our souls. That’s why all kinds of music can affect us and provide us with immeasurable pleasure. So why the piano specially?

The piano has some very distinct advantages over other instruments. Let us consider them one by one.

First of all the piano has an excellent sonorific sound.

The piano has a sound that has appealed to the senses for ages past. With the passing years the piano has become more refined as an instrument and the resonance and the body of the sound have become better. It is not easy to describe what it is about the sound of the piano that makes it so appealing, but the fact is there never the less. The piano sounds great. Period.

The best dynamics amongst all musical instruments.

The way a piano sounds when you play it is rewarding enough on its own. Piano is one instrument that is capable of a great deal of dynamics when it comes to playing music. What does this mean? It means that you can play something really soft on it as well as well loud. Because of this the piano lends itself to almost all kinds of music from rock to classics and ballads. This kind of range is hard to find in other music instruments. Yes there are instruments like a guitar that you can play softly but even those do not come close to the dynamics of a piano. And then are music instruments like a saxophone or trumpet that are impossible to play below a certain volume. What about the pitch of the piano? The ease with which you can play the really high and very low notes is not present in any other musical instrument.

So what we have so far is that a piano makes a great musical sound and it can play any kind of music.

Some of the best musical compositions have been written for the piano.

Expanding on that, there is just so much music available for a piano. Composers and song writers both of the old and contemporary choose piano as the instrument of choice when writing music. Legends have written music based around the piano or meant solely for it. You will find some of the most famous music pieces by famous musicians written for the piano. From classical pieces from Bach and Beethoven to memorable movie soundtracks. When you learn the piano you open yourself to a gold mine of music. You do not have to be a composer yourself to get the benefit of learning to play the piano. Most of us enjoy the deep satisfaction that comes with playing our favorite music. There is creativity in that as well. And after all music written by great composers get its voice when other people decide to play it years after the music was written. We said that the piano has been the choice of composers in the past and continues to be today as well. As a beginner you should know that a piano lends extremely well to crating your own music. In fact it is difficult to think of another musical instrument that is so learner friendly.

The best way to understand music is on the piano

Understand music better. The people who start to learn music on the piano have a distinct advantage. They are more liable to understand music theory and fundamentals more clearly and quickly than with any other instrument. This again has to largely with the visual aid that a piano keyboard provides to the complete set of notes and scales. You understand and remember the chords, notes, scales and music notation better when you learn on a piano.

Till this date, even when I play the guitar or any other instrument, I visualise the piano keyboard to find the right notes and chords. Still think of piano when playing the guitar.

Learn music theory faster. If the thought if learning music theory daunts you, learning on the piano will make it easier for you. In fact it is know that you if you play while you learn you learn to read, write and understand music sheets faster. I should mention here that there is a piano learner’s beginner’s guide by the name of Piano For All. This is piano guide takes a practical approach to teaching you everything. You will be playing the piano from day one and learn everything like music theory and reading music sheets along with actually playing the piano. Piano For All is highly recommended for all beginners. Do have a look at it.

Understanding music will make you more accompanied musician. Reading music sheets and understanding music scales and notes is an important part of learning the piano. You will open yourself to a plethora of opportunities not only to play music but to become a better player.

We might have mentioned this before, but there is really a lot of music written for the piano. With practise and time, once you become proficient with reading music, you will be able to play all of this music by getting the music sheets for any music. And these music sheets are freely and widely available.

There are so many advantages of choosing piano as the music instrument to learn. For now, we will curtail further expansion to that thought. You will experience many of them first hand. Although more of these advantages become more obvious when you have played another instrument as well. We welcome your thoughts and additions to this post as to why you love playing the piano and why you chose it to indulge your musical nature. We wish you all the best and an enjoyable and accomplished journey with the music instrument of your choice.

The Sound Of A Piano

a full grand piano
A full grand piano has the most full bodied sound of all with the best resonance.

There is something undefinable about the sound that the piano makes. The sound with which this music instrument makes music. When we say piano we mean the acoustic piano and not its digital counterparts. An acoustic piano can be a grand piano, a baby grand and even the upright piano.

The sound of the piano is one of the greatest charms of learning this magnificent instrument. The sheer please of producing the notes from a piano is unparalleled by any other musical instrument. Of course, this statement quiet possibly bends towards a certain bias. But then it also echoes something that’s true. Amongst the instruments that music lovers like to listen to, piano is perhaps the most popular. And that has a lot to do with the versatility and quality of the sound of the piano. A while back we mentioned that when we write accolades about the musical sounds that a piano produces, we are referring to the acoustic counterparts and not the digital keyboards versions. The reason is that even though the advanced keyboards of the present day come extremely close to replicating the sound of the real thing, there is always something missing. If you are the one playing, you will realize the difference in the sound that comes from a digital circuit and speakers as opposed to the sonorous sound of an acoustic piano that is made when felt hammers strike actual strings inside the wooden body and come out as vibrations from the sounding board. While the sound quality of a grand piano is considered to be the best, unless you have a room the size of a small hall and the budget to buy one, the baby grands and the upright pianos are more common for the average person to keep in their homes. Although the sound of the upright piano is compromised because of the compact design and the subsequent placement of the strings inside the piano, you will probably find that it still sounds better than most of its digital counterparts.

Some of the reasons why the piano is unbeatable for the sheer sound it produces are:

  • The piano sound itself is beautifully sonorous and impressive.
  • The piano sound is capable of the wisest range of pitch than any other instrument, capable of producing deep growls from the notes on the nether regions of the keyboard to the melodic and astral tinkling of the higher notes from the upper echelons of the piano keyboard.
  • The piano is capable of producing sounds with varying degree of softness and loudness. A piano can sound soft, sonorous, cheerful and a downright blast.

Do you know what one of the greatest feature is that sets the piano apart from any other instrument as far as the music sound is concerned? Most people do not think about this. But someone who plays another musical instrument will know about this. You use all of your ten fingers to play the piano. Which means that you can play ten different notes at the same time. Which other non keyboard instrument do you know of that can do this? Is it a wonder then that the piano is a solo instrument that can perform compete symphonies in the hands of a skilled player?

And actually, the piano can play more than ten note the same time. How is this possible you ask when you only have ten fingers to play the piano with? By using the sustain pedals, you can have the notes that you have played continue to ring and vibrate while you add more notes on top of it. Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? At the end of the day, we just want to say that we are a big admirer of the music sounds of the piano. So are millions of others even though they are not players themselves. People love to listen to the piano. The piano lends itself to all genres of music from the classical to jazz, blues and rock. The undeniable and unique sound of this ubitiquous instrument is just another reason why you should learn to play the piano.

Wish You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. Take this time to enjoy the music in our lives. To feel the joy and the love and share it with all the people who matter. With your family and friends.

May the new year herald peace, love and happiness in your lives. Have a wonderful and joyous holiday season and best wishes for the coming new year.

merry christmas and a happy new year