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Practising Major Arpeggios

Arpeggios are exercises like scales, but they are formed around the structures of chords. Remember the C major chord you just played? Well, you can see that the chord is formed by taking the first, third and fifth notes of the C major scale – C, E and G. Well, a C major arpeggio is […]

What Is A Good Piano Playing Technique

What technique or style of playing the piano should you use? Piano technique is something that is closely related to things like posture, hand position, key fingering and other physical aspects of playing the piano. These are just some of the things that are involved in Developing the right piano playing technique.  Don’t confuse piano technique with […]

How To Stand and Play the Keyboard

To Sit Or To Stand When Playing the Keyboard. Strange as it may seem to you some people actually stand when playing the piano. Well not the piano really but when playing a digital keyboard. Pianos are made of almost the same height and it is not possible or feasible to play them standing up.However, […]

Get Familiar With The Piano Keyboard

Meet your piano keyboard A full piano keyboard has 88 keys. From the highest note to the highest the piano has the largest dynamic range as compared to any other music instrument. One of the first things that you will realise about a piano keyboard is that the keys are weightier and feel heavier than […]

The Piano Soundboard

What is the piano soundbaord? It is a really important part of the piano and crucial in producing the sound that you actually hear coming out from the instrument. As you have learnt in the post about piano strings and hammers, piano strings are pulled tightly across a wooden frame with pins. These pins can […]

Piano Keys, Hammers and Strings

Since we are talking about the functioning of the piano in this section, the keys, the hammers and the strings deserve an explanation for a good understanding of your piano. Piano KeysLets start with the piano keys. If you have ever compared an acoustic piano to the digital counterpart one of the things you will […]

Piano Pitch And Dynamics

Just a few terms you should be familiar with when beginning to learn the piano. What is the Pitch of a Piano The pitch refers to how high or low the note being played or sung is. For example, women can sing higher pitches than men. In a piano the pitch of note increases and […]