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How To Move An Acoustic Piano

It will be quickly apparent to you that shifting a piano case not an easy task. If you have an acoustic piano such as an upright piano or grand piano, you should always take professional help of professional piano movers to move it. Never attempt to do this yourself or with your friends. We cannot […]

How To Maintain a Digital Keyboard

Digital keyboards do not need tuning like acoustic pianos. If you manage to keep the keyboard clean, dust free, moisture free and avoid instances like excessive jerks and shocks, your keyboard should work fine for a long time. It is a fact that problems can arise with a digital keyboard as well, just like any […]

Always Use Professionals For Tuning and Maintaining Your Piano

Using professional help for general checkup and serious repairs Learning how to play a piano is one thing and knowing how to repair or maintain one is quite another. Acoustic pianos need more maintenance and repair that requires the expertise of a qualified piano technician than digital keyboards. Tuning acoustic keyboards You will quickly discover […]