Easy piano songs for beginners

When you begin learning the piano, you can actually practise your chords, rhythm and your voice by playing some wonderful easy songs. The advantage of playing easy piano songs is that you can make the task of practising the piano a lot more pleasurable. You will be well aware of the fact that during the […]

piano for kids

Piano for kids

A lot of parents want their kids to learn the piano. The approach to teaching piano to kids is usually different than teaching piano to adults. Most of the times, the goals are very different as well. An adult might want to learn the piano to be able to play and sing to his favourite […]

How To Play Piano By Ear

What is so special about playing the piano by ear? It is extremely liberating for one. You do not have to rely on instructions and for someone to teach you how to play a certain music. You do not have to look for online music sheets and lessons in order to know how a particular […]