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Can you teach yourself piano?

There are plenty of piano guides out there. But the question arises, is it possible to teach yourself piano?

Some people teach themselves successful whereas others find it very diffuclt.

The single factor that makes the difference between the two is the method used for learning.

There are various beginners piano courses available to you today including books. But the limitation of ‘most’ of these lessons surprises us a lot. A piano guide that is intended for the purpose of teaching you to play the piano on your own, should not just throw you on the mercy of reading sheet music, which is exactly what most of these lessons do.

These are some of the disadvantages of many of the self teaching piano lessons:

  1. They are too heavily reliant on sheet music. If you do not learn to read music, you cannot get very far.
  2. They are not very extensive. They do not teach you songs and progressions.
  3. They are outdated. They use progressions for only old tunes that are free from copyright. And that too in sheet music format.
  4. They do not teach you different styles of piano. If you want to learn the blues or jazz on the piano, you have to get another book, which again has the same limitation as above.
  5. Books cannot tell you when you doing things right or wrong. They lack video demonstration for every lesson. So there is no one to show you the right way to play.

Having said that, we strongly believe that yes, you can teach yourself piano. But you need the right set of piano lessons that follow the right approach. We highly recommend using piano lessons that come with a good set of self teaching video lessons.

The advantage of video lessons is that you see the piano teacher demonstrate exactly what and how you need to play. How else can you learn the piano yourself if there is no one to show you how.


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Piano video and audio lessons

playing the piano is easier than playing the guitar

The truth is that playing the piano is not that difficult to begin with. Many people do not realise that teaching yourself to play the piano is easier than playing the guitar.

Learning to play rhythm style piano is perhaps the easiest and most effective way of teaching yourself piano.

Many famous and self taught artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, Cold Play, Lionel Richie play rhythm style piano. It is the fastest way to get on your feet and sound good on the piano.

At the end of the day, different people with different talents and experience will face a varying degree of difficulty when it comes to learning piano by themselves.

I will say this, having some experience before with learning a musical instrument, any musical instrument, is an advantage. Because the principle music theory behind any instrument is the same. So if you know something about music theory, that is definitely an advantage.

As an adult beginner, you need a more direct approach

We know a lot of students who dropped learning the piano because it seemed too complicated and took too long. Many of you might have picked up piano lessons sometime in your younger years but did not go very far with the lessons because it seemed too arduous.

Well you are in a great position to pick the piano lessons up again. You can use a much more direct approach and not the roundabout methods that conventional piano teachers and lessons use. As an adult beginner you want to learn to play as quickly as possible. You can achieve this.


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[quote]Remember this, whether or not you can teach yourself piano, largely depends on one singular factor: The Course That You Choose![/quote]

Beyond that, little else will matter.