Piano Basics

A Piano Chair Or A Bench? For Maximum Comfort And Ease Of Playing

One realises the importance of having the right apparatus to sit down on whether on a piano or a desk, once you have spent hours and years doing that kind of thing. A piano chair or piano stool both offer their advantages and disadvantages. Read more about both in this post and hopefully get some insight into making that decision for yourself. Happy playing!

It is important that you are comfortable when playing the piano as far as your siting position is concerned. And you are most likely going to be sitting down. 

You might have seen people play the keyboards standing up but that is about the need of the player to be more flamboyant and also to have a more expressive degree of movement, as is called for is rock and pop bands and their stage performances. 

Right posture includes how you sit or stand to play the keyboard, the position that your hands should be in, and how comfortable you are during playing. Having the right posture can avoid getting cramps, backache and even a more serious medical problem like carpal tunnel syndrome which is a result of repeated action over a prolonged period of time.

However, for the purpose of learning and playing the piano, the seated position is perhaps the best. It brings you closer to the keys and makes you more comfortable as you practice.

As you learn to play the piano, you do not need the additional stress off your legs getting tired from standing up.

The next important thing is that your feet should rest firmly on the floor. Your hands should be relaxed and your forearms should be parallel to the ground. The elbow should be bent at almost a right angle.

What you have always been told about sitting holds true when you are playing the piano as well. Keep your back straight, do not slump or slouch. The reasons are the same. Not sitting up straight can lead to backaches and can quickly discourage you from further piano practice.

Choosing between piano chairs and a piano bench

Different people choose different options for setting down in front of their piano. Some people sit on piano bench whereas some people choose a chair. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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Using Piano chair

Piano chairs that are specially meant for playing the piano. We are not talking about regular chairs although one in your home can be suitable if it has a straight solid back support.

The advantages of using a chair is that they can tend to be more comfortable, have a padded seat and have the feature to adjust the height to be perfect for your height and stature.

The back of the chair also provides some additional support. But it may also cause you to slump and hunch over the piano. This should be avoided. However, having him back support allows you to rest your back occasionally in between when you get tired.

Using a chair is additionally advantages for young and fidgety students because they feel more secure on a chair than on backless bench.

The 2 disadvantages that I feel up in a chair has is that it does not allow you to slide and access the keys to the periphery of the keyboard on the extreme left of the extreme right that much more easily & it does not allow anyone else to sit with you to play.

It is possible to slide along on the bench. The next disadvantage could be that you cannot include a 2nd person to play a duet with you on the piano.

However this is something that should not really matter to a person who is beginning to get the piano unless there is a teacher who sits along with you and teaches you how to play. If this is the case, then buying a piano bench makes much more sense.

Using piano benches

The standard piano bench measures approximately 2 feet high by 3 feet wide. As I’ve already mentioned, this can of which allows more freedom of movement to reach the higher and the lower notes while you play. It can also accommodate another person to play a duet with you on a piano teacher who is playing with you in order to teach you.

Piano benches come in various forms. The most basic of piano bench will be a wooden bench that does not allow you to adjust the height.

This may require you to buy or custom order a piano bench that is just right for you. The nicer piano benches come with a padded seat and also let you adjust the bench right for more personal adjustment to your height and stature.

A piano bench provides no back support and needs you to keep a straight spine for the time that you are practicing.

One of the advantages of using a piano bench is that it could possibly force you to maintain a good posture throughout your playing. Of course, it can also mean that you feel more tired and need to get up often to stretch.

Some benches will also have hinged seats with a hollow space inside which allows you to store sheet music, books etc.