Do Away With Conventional Method Of Learning Piano

Do away with conventional approach to piano learning.

The truth is that for most of the adult beginners learning the piano, the conventional method does not work very well. More often than not it leads to a disheartening attempt at learning piano where the progress gets quickly stalled.

No more spending hours learning sheet music before you can play a single thing on the piano.
You do not need to know how to read music before you start playing the piano right now.
The problem with the conventional piano learning methods is that they rely too heavily on sight reading. Sight reading is when you can read music off the music sheets that have been written in music notation.
Anyone who has tried or knows sight reading knows that it can take a long time before you master this art.

So what is happening in the meanwhile when you are struggling with sight reading? Things that you could be practising and playing on the piano right this minute are getting ignored.

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You do not need to know how to read music in order to learn the piano.

Do you expect to sit with a music sheet before you every time that you want to play something on the piano?
Likely not. So why the compulsion to learn to sight read? Sure its a very good thing and a great asset for your piano playing skills, but it by not the most important thing when you are beginning to learn to play the piano.

The reason that most of the piano lessons impress upon the need to sight read is because they have no other way to communicate the music to you.
Well, there are other ways. With Piano For All you get audio and video lesson along with the ebooks. You do not have to sight read to learnt to play the piano. You just have to read the lessons in the ebooks and watch the video alongside right within the ebook.

Of course, you will be taught to read music as well. But that will come with the natural progression of things and will leave you wondering why you thought sight reading was going to be difficult in the first place. We wish you all the best.