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Conventional piano lessons do not work very well for the adult beginner. We have seen many disheartened attempts. Too many times adult students simple give up without learning to play or not being able to play the way they dreamed of.

The problem is with the METHOD OF TEACHING.

First of all conventional piano lessons rely TOO heavily on sight reading.

Anyone who has tried or knows sight reading knows that it can take a long time before you master this art.
What you should be doing right from the start is practising and PLAYING the piano in a way that keeps you inspired to learn more. No one is waiting to test you whether or not you can sight read music the second you start playing the piano.

Secondly, conventional piano lessons DELAY playing the real thing on the piano as much as possible. They will teach you finger exercises in stead and what not.

Many piano guides that we have seen do not teach you ANY actual songs. They want you to practise with old, outdated themes just because they are free of copyright. We hate that.

Also, most of the piano books do not even think of teaching you PIANO CHORDS, RHYTHMS and different STYLES like blues, jazz and pop. They give you a few lessons in sheet music and leave to learn everything else yourself.

The selection of lessons is very LIMITED and if you want to learn anything more, you just have to buy more books.

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We are surprised to see that so many well known piano books talking more about how to keep your piano clean rather than chords and scales. They add piano chords as an after thought as if they are not that important and then too present them in sheet music format.

Shortcomings of conventional piano lessons that most beginners feel the sting of:

  1. They devote too much time to sheet reading. Makes things difficult for the beginner.
  2. They take too long to teach. Not suited to a recreational player.
  3. The pattern of the lessons makes the practise sessions gruelling and mundane.
  4. They result in a large number of dropouts early on.
  5. Conventional piano lessons make the piano seem more difficult than it really is. In fact it is easier to learn than the guitar.
  6. Not suited for adult piano beginners who want to start playing the piano quickly and with the least amount if fuss.


With Pianoforall, sight reading is made easy and it happens AS you play the piano. Not before.

Pianoforall teaches you to play the piano with rhythm style piano. This style of piano is very EASY to learn. It is how all SELF TAUGHT piano artists like Billy Joel, Elton John, Cold Play, Lionel Richie, Norah Jones etc. play the piano.
You get 10 books to learn piano from and each and every one makes the process of progressing from piano chords to playing jazz, pop and classical piano a streamlined process.
Pianoforall is the fastest and most effective method of learning the piano. It has the BEST verifiable testimonials online as compared to any other guide.

The Method Of Teaching For Pianoforall



All the lessons in all the ebooks are demonstrated with in-built audio and video lessons. You can not only read what to play but also see it exactly in the videos that play within the ebooks. You do not even need to open a separate window to play these files. They are embedded within the ebooks.

Piano video and audio lessons

With Pianoforall, you get what is required. The videos may not be glossy or in high-defineiton as they are with many other piano guides that cost in tunes of hundreds of dollar. In stead they are the real thing and made completely affordable to you.

Pianoforall is the best investment you can make towards learning to play the piano. We are confident that you are going to love these lessons.


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