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Easy piano songs for beginners

These are some some simple, beginner, but very popular songs for the piano that consist of three chords in a major scale. They can be played using the simple oom-pah rhythm which is essentially one note in the left-hand and a basic three finger chord in the right-hand combination.

When you begin learning the piano, you can actually practise your chords, rhythm and your voice by playing some wonderful easy songs.

The advantage of playing easy piano songs is that you can make the task of practising the piano a lot more pleasurable.

You will be well aware of the fact that during the beginner stage, a piano player has to get used to the layout of the keyboard. You have to practise till your fingers are able to move over the keys with memory, preferably without looking.

A beginner also often discovers that a certain amount of dexterity needs to be developed in the finger movements in order to play the piano smoothly and effortlessly.

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All these skills can be developed by practising the piano with easy songs.

You can play these songs just by learning the first 4 chords on the piano and the basic rhythms. If you want to learn your piano chords, either sign for the free piano lessons here or download the full piano course with ebooks and video lessons here. We highly recommend these piano lessons.

The first easy chords to play your first simple songs on the piano

C, Am, F, G… C, Am, F, G etc… (you may recognise the sequence) These chords are in what is known as ‘ROOT’ position, with the THUMB on the note that gives the chord its name – the ROOT note. Don’t give up if playing these chords hurts your hands. That’s normal for a beginner and won’t last forever. And make sure you USE your 1st, 3rd and 5th fingers.

Some of the songs that you can play with this chord sequence are as follows. The piano rhythm used is ‘Left note- Right Chord’.

  • Blue Moon 
  • Red Red Wine Always 
  • Look On The Bright Side Of Life 
  • All I Have To Do Is Dream

Similarly some more easy songs to play in the Oom Pah rhythm are:

  • Song Sung Blue – Neil Diamond – C G C 
  • IN THE SUMMERTIME – Mungo Jerry / 12 bar blues – C F G
  • Oh When the Saints C F G 
  • Whisky In The Jar – C Am F C 
  • Froggie Went A Courtin’ – C G F 
  • Jingle Bells – C F G 

We will keep adding to this list of easy piano sings to play. If you have some suggestions for songs please add them in your comments below.