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How Hard Is It To Teach Yourself Piano

A question we get asked often:

How Difficult Is It To Learn Piano Yourself?

Many beginners wonder how difficult is it going to be if they try and learn to play the piano by themselves.

It can seem like a daunting task without a piano teacher to tell them what to do and to point out their mistakes. However, we recommend that before you hire a teacher, you try and learn the basic lessons by yourself.

How difficult or easy it is to start learning piano by yourself will depend a lot on the ‘METHOD OF TEACHING’. It also depends on how good the self teaching piano guide is.

As a beginner you will face all the issues that any beginner student faces. You will need to know the very basics like correct posture, hand position, technique etc.

More importantly, the piano lessons you use should be able to clearly tell you the right way to do things. Unfortunately, this is where most of the self teaching piano books and guides fail. You can read what and how to play in a book, but how do you know if you are doing anything wrong?

The answer lies in video piano lessons. There are piano courses available online today that not only comprise of ebooks but also video lessons as well as audio. So you can not only read, but also see and hear what you are supposed to play on the piano. It is difficult to go wrong with these kind of lessons.

Video piano lessons come in different format, the most common of which is perhaps DVD piano lessons. When you buy piano lessons of this kind you receive a set of DVDs. This set commonly contains between 10-20 dvds and each contains video piano lessons.

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However, our strong recommendation is Pianoforall. You get everything you need in one precise package. The audio and the video lessons are embedded in the ebooks and you do not need a separate player or application to view the videos. You can read, hear and see at the same time.


Piano video and audio lessons


playing the piano is easier than playing the guitar

The method is what makes learning piano with Pianoforall not that difficult at all. The truth is that playing the piano is not that difficult to begin with. Many people do not realise that playing the piano is EASIER THAN PLAYING THE GUITAR. When you start with piano chords and rhythm style piano, you can make great progress with all styles of piano.The advantage of video piano lessons is that you are not dependent on sheet music to learn. Many self taught pianists do not know how to read music.
With video lessons you can see exactly what to play so you will know If you are doing anything wrong.
Pianoforall is the closest experience you can have of sitting down with a real piano teacher and learning.

This is the same technique that guitar players have been using for years.

At the end of the day, different people with different talents and experience will face a varying degree of difficulty when it comes to learning piano by themselves.
I will say this, having some experience before with learning a musical instrument, any musical instrument, is an advantage. Because the principle music theory behind any instrument is the same.

If you know a little bit of music theory that is of great help too.

However, you do not need this with Pianoforall piano lessons. You can still start learning and make great progress. It is not known as the ‘FASTEST’ way to learn piano for nothing. You can read some of the reviews and see how it has helped people in all walks of like to learn the piano by themselves.

The approach to learning the piano by yourself should be simple and straightforward.

Even if you want to get in to very advanced learning, there is much to be learnt from a self teaching course. Piano teachers tend to focus a lot on sheet reading and music theory. We know a lot of students who have not progressed because of this reason. They have dropped learning the piano because it seems too complicated and takes too long.
In fact many of the adult beginners that we have seen here picked up piano lessons sometime in their childhood in school or because their parents wanted them to learn. Most of them did not get very far. The reason was simply this, the METHOD of teaching.

Piano teachers can get fixed about the way piano should be learnt, about what is the ‘proper’ way to do it. Little do they realise that that is not what the student requires. Like I said, every one does not learn the piano to become concert pianists.


For playing the piano for self pleasure a much SIMPLER approach is required.
You can have this approach with Pianoforall. You can learn ALL STYLES of piano eg. Rhythm, Blues, Country, Pop, Ragtime, Jazz and Classical with these piano lessons.

Pianoforall method

There is a way to SPEED LEARN piano. You can shave off years of learning and practise if you just change the method of learning.

So at the end of the day, we would like you to get over your hesitancy of not being able to learn without a piano teacher. You can. Give it a try today. We wish you all the best.