How Much Did Your Piano/Keyboard Cost?

I often wonder, people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars to buy a keyboard and yet get slighted when it comes to buying a good piano course to learn from.

Actually that is not entirely correct. Most of the people who buy a piano do make an effort to get piano lessons as well. Some join piano classes, get a teacher to come home whereas some try to learn it from a self teaching guide or a book.

But a lot of these efforts amount to very little.

Most of the time, piano enthusiasts give up. And the reason they do this is because they do not seem to make much progress. They get  discouraged and pretty soon the keyboard is left to gather dust.

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A majority of people give up learning the piano or the keyboard do it because: 

  • They find it too difficult.
  • They cannot continue their lessons and practise.

You can avoid this happening to you. 

As Robin Hall accurately says, ” It is not what you learn, but HOW you learn it”. This could not be truer for learning the piano or learning anything else for that matter.

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