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How To Get The Best Price On A Piano

Do not buy immediately. Once you have found the perfect keyboard that you want, you are advised not to sit down and start negotiating right then and there. It would be better if you leave the store and give yourself more time to think about it. You might be too excited at that point of time to think clearly. Take a day or think about it overnight and go back to the store and be ready to negotiate a lower price. You should even consider looking at other stores to see if you cannot find the same model at the cheaper price. If you cannot find a better deal and you are hundred percent sure after one-day or even a couple of days that you have found the keyboard of your dreams, go back ahead and start negotiating.

Never pay the sticker price on the piano

best price piano

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The one thing that many people do not understand with almost any kind of business is that almost everything is negotiable which includes the price. The price on various digital instruments and accessories is open for a bit of price haggling as well. The higher model that you choose, the more enthusiastic the dealer and the salesperson will be to throw in a few extras for free. Some of these freebies can come in very handy such as the delivery to your home which can sometimes cost as much as $300 for a large acoustic instrument.

By negotiating the price, you can hope to get anywhere from 10 to 15% of the sticker price. You may also negotiate other freebies such as free year of tuing, free maintenance etc. You may also look at buying accessories like a keyboard stand, amplifier, software and some cables. If you do, the salesman will be more receptive to make a deal.

However, make sure that you are buying these accessories only because you need them and not simply to get a better deal. After all, buying additional accessories is going to cost more.

One important thing to keep in mind before you start negotiating is that you should only do it when you are sure that you want to buy that particular instrument. If you are not, do not haggle over the price just for curiosity sake. You are going to waste the sale person’s time and pretty much rule out any possibility of further deals with that particular music store. If you waste their time unnecessarily, they are not going to receive your very enthusiastically in the future in case you find yourself ending up buying from them.

Another important thing to do is to have an absolute maximum dollar figure in mind before you go to the piano store. Don’t end up buying something that you cannot afford. This way, you are better able to negotiate over the price as well. If the salesperson is not being able to give you the price you want, you can make them aware of how much you’re willing to spend and give your contact details in case an offer comes up in the future or the store changes their mind about giving you a better price.

Like any other stores, there are discount seasons to buy a piano and a keyboard. For example, Memorial Day is always a big piano sale time and many major shops and stores offer you very lucrative sales and promotions.