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How To Move An Acoustic Piano

Moving a piano is a tricky business. You can manage it yourself if you are managing it within the house on the same level, with the right equipment that can be easily acquired. If moving locations itself, then you need to make sure that the pros show up with the right moving equipment. Here is how you should move and shift an acoustic piano.

It will be quickly apparent to you that shifting a piano case not an easy task. If you have an acoustic piano such as an upright piano or grand piano, you should always take professional help of professional piano movers to move it, if you are moving in to a different location or a different level in the same house or building. 

If you are moving the piano in the same house, on the same ground level, at the very least, make sure that you have the right equipment for the task. You can get equipment fairly easily unless you need to transport it outdoors, in which case only the professional piano movers are likely to have the necessary equipment. 

So what equipment and gear do you need to move a piano? We’ll just get into that. 

Never attempt to do this yourself or with your friends. We cannot emphasize how important this is. A piano should not be moved without the proper equipment and the experience of professional piano movers.

Professional piano movers come with the necessary equipment and the knowledge to move your piano.

Here is what is usually done to move your piano.

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Moving a grand or an upright piano

The grand piano is moved using two special pieces of equipment called a piano board and a dolly. A piano board is a long flat board that has lots of padding and several handles. The grand piano is flipped over on its side on the board and strapped to the board and dolly.

The piano board holds your piano securely and cushions against any jerks and bumps. If the piano movers show up without a piano board, you shoud let them go and call new movers.

An upright piano is moved by placing it on a flat dolly in an upright position. Your piano dealer can recommend several good moving companies who specialise in piano moving.

I remember the old pianos from my school days and they all used to be fitted with heavy duty castor wheels made from iron or more likely brass. This made it easy to roll them along on the auditorium floor, although very gently because even strong vibrations from those old wheels could possibly affect something inside those old trusty uprights. 

Use Heavy Duty Furniture Lifters – Castor Wheels

If you are moving the piano around in the house, you can get some heavy duty caster wheels for it. You get the kind that have a flat rubber platform on top and you can simply place them under the legs. 

These are actually meant for moving heavy furniture but can also be used for the purpose of moving a piano around. It is like a heavy piece of furniture with the addition of being one that is sensitive to jerks and bumps. 

That’s the most important thing to keep in mind. Clear the path for moving the piano. Plan that out before beginning the move. Move the piano very slowly, little bit at a time. If you are shifting homes, or moving the piano to a different floor in the house, then you have no choice but to call in the professional piano movers. 

Unfortunately, because of the cumbersome nature of the this magnificent instrument in a home environment, and due to the presence of some very excellent digital alternatives, people usually have digital pianos in their homes now. 

Digital pianos have also become reasonable in cost over the years with many models available from companies like Yamaha. The cheaper ones have fewer digital sound samplings with doesn’t matter to the piano player, as long as they are high quality ones.

But some of these digital version are pretty heavy as well. In most cases all you need to do is take the help of another person to move them around in the house. They can be disassembled for the purpose of shifting them elsewhere.