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How To Prevent Your Keyboard From Getting Obsolete

Just like any other digital or electronic gadget, you will find that your digital keyboard may get obsolete with development in new technology. This of course depends on what you buy in the 1st place. If you buy a very top-end digital piano, the odds are that the quality of the sound, the tonal range of the instrument as well as other features remain up to date for a longer period of time. But with lesser models, you will find that the technology improves more rapidly. Usually, keyboard manufacturers are trying to make products that can be easily upgraded in the future with the advent of new technology. This means that your digital keyboard will not necessarily go obsolete and you can upgrade your hardware in the future without having to buy a new digital keyboard.

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In order to prevent your display keyboard from becoming obsolete quickly, you may ask the following questions off the piano salesman.

  • Can I add more memory? Adding more memory to your existing keyboard means that you can accommodate new sounds, software and hardware at a later date. Also ask about the memory limitations. If you do not understand the terminology, ask the keyboard salesman to explain it to you in simpler terms.
  • Is the digital keyboard upgradable? Just like a computer or smart phone, many digital keyboard offer upgrade to the operating system as well as to the hardware as the latest improvements occur. This may not be possible with the lower end models offer digital keyboard. Usually being able to upgrade the software on your this keyboard requires Internet connection capability. Most of the high-end digital keyboard such as workstations offer the facility to upgrade your software.Once again the high end digital keyboard such as workstations have a vast library of sounds. You may want the ability to add extra sound cards and sound libraries to your old digital keyboard whether they are developed by the original manufacturer or other 3rd party sound developers. This feature comes in very handy for sound engineers and sound artists who wants to constantly experiment with new sound effects.
  • Is the company still making this model or series? You should not feel embarrassed to ask the following question. If the model or the series has been discontinued, your display keyboard may already be obsolete. However, this does not mean that that particular model is not suited to your need and requirement. If it meets all the other criteria on the list, you may in fact be able to get it for a good low price simply because that particular model is not being manufactured anymore. You should also ask whether you can get upgrades.