Piano Basics

How To Stand and Play the Keyboard

To Sit Or To Stand When Playing the Keyboard.

Standing to play the piano

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Strange as it may seem to you some people actually stand when playing the piano. Well not the piano really but when playing a digital keyboard. Pianos are made of almost the same height and it is not possible or feasible to play them standing up.
However, you will have seen several musicians on stage standing up and playing the keyboard.
The main reason for this is how it looks. If the band playing happens to be a pop or rock band, then it looks more conducive to the tempo of the music if the digital keyboard guy is standing up. He is also able to move around and gesticulate more which may something that the stage performance requires or is in keeping with the playing style of the musician.
However, great rock performances that involve a piano still have the artist sitting down and the result is still spectacular.
If you decide to stand and play your keyboard, there are few things that you need to keep in mind as well.
There the height of the keyboard to be considered. Just as when you were playing the piano sitting down, the keyboard needs to be at a height where you don’t have to reach up or down to it. It should be naturally in reach without causing the shoulders to be lifted.
Somewhere around chest height it usually correct. You not have to lean to get to the keyboard.
The advantage of a digital keyboard is that they are kept on stands and the stands can be adjusted to whatever height you wish.
The other thing is how to handle the sustain pedal. When you play sitting down, your body weight is resting on your bottom. The foot that is playing the sustain pedal is angled on the pedal and can be used with ease as it is not supporting the body weight. However, when you are standing up, the feet are balancing you as well as using the sustain pedal.
But no matter. It can be done. Guitarists playing an electric guitar use the sustain pedal all the time.
You will probably need to put it close to you rather than under the keyboard. This too is possible since the pedals for most digital keyboards are detachable units.
Tape it to the stage floor so that it does not keep moving and messes around with your balance.
Standing up to play during stage performance is one thing, but we guess that when practicing or composing you will be sitting down. For that refer to our previous post and get your posture pat down.
All the best!