Learn All Genres Of Music On The Piano

Learn to Play All Genres Like Jazz, Blues and Classics on the Piano.

Ever wanted to learn jazz, blues AND the classics but were restricted with the piano books and lessons that you bought. Or perhaps the piano tutor you were using was not adept to teach you all the genres that you wanted to learn.

Now you can learn to play all genres of music on the piano. Starting from piano chords, advance to blues, jazz, ballads and classical piano.

One of the greatest advantages of learning to play the piano is that it is perhaps the most versatile musical instrument of all.

Almost all other musical instruments need accompaniments to be performed. But the piano? It is capable of a completely solo performance. And to top it all there is not genre of music that is removed from piano playing.

When you learn the piano you can play any genre of music that you want to.

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Most of the online piano courses teach you beginners piano and then leave you to look for other ways to learn specific genres like Jazz, Blues and Classical piano. The result is that you either never get there or have to fork out some more money to get additional lessons.

Well you don’t need to do that when you learn piano with the Piano For All series of piano lessons, ebooks and videos.

If you believed that learning jazz and the blues was difficult on the piano, try the structured approach of Piano For All and realise the difference. Piano For All is carefully structured to give you the easiest methodology of learning. You will not be a slave to sheet music. You will learn in a carefully structured and very progressive way.

No piano education is complete without exposure to the immortal compositions of legendary composers. 

You will learn to play the classics in the last ebook of this course. By that time you will be well equipped to handle the note pattern. You will also get a refresher course in reading music that will make you wonder what the bid deal about it was anyway.

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