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Learn the 10 Basic Piano Rhythms

Just as you start learning the piano with piano chords in Piano For All, you also learn the 10 basic piano rhythms. Since these rhythms are meant for the very beginner, they are in their most basic form. When you learn these piano rhythms, the intent is to teach you to improvise and make them as dynamic and colorful as the song requires. These 10 basic piano rhythms are the basis for most of the songs that you will hear and play. Of course, there are variatins that you will encounter and learn to play yourself as you become more accomplished.

These basic piano rhythms underly each and every song that you are likely to hear and play. The idea is to learn how to liven up to them, slowing down, vary the tempo and add a certain degree of flair and volume as required by the song.

This method of learning to play the piano with chords and rhythms will set up the basics for you very strongly. You will then find it extremely easy to move up to handle more complicated chords and adding melody. Once you have mastered how to play the rhythm, you will find it that much more easier to add melody in the right-hand of your piano playing.

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Basic chords and piano rhythm form the very foundation of many of the popular tunes and melodies.

Piano rhythmsWhen you use the Piano For All online lessons, you will find that you are extremely well set up to start playing the piano with your 1st few basic piano chords and basic piano rhythms. The intent of the 1st book will be to make you so strong in this aspect that you will find it easy to graduate to the next books with more advanced lessons like playing the blues and the more advanced piano chords.

The 10 basic rhythms rhythms that you will learn straightaway are:

  1. Rhythm 1 – Left Note / Right Chord
  2. Rhythm 2 – Straight Beat Gospel Piano Style
  3. Rhythm 3 – Oom Pah
  4. Rhythm 4 – Split Chord
  5. Rhythm 5 – Half Beat bounce
  6. Rhythm 6 – Twist‘Slash Chords’ / Bass Runs
  7. Rhythm 7 – Three Beat Bounce
  8. Rhythm 8 – 12/8 Country Shuffle
  9. Rhythm 9 – Bossa Nova Bounce
  10. Rhythm 10 – Twist 2.