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Advantages Of Learning To Play Piano Chords First

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There are many approaches to learning the piano. None so more effective than learning to play the piano chords first. The person who starts to learn the piano with piano chords will always have a few distinct advantages. These are some of the distinct benefits of learning piano chords as a beginner:

Learn Piano Chords – Sound Good From Day 1

The very first benefit is derived when you immediately begin to play good sounds on the piano. Chords sound great when played correctly. When you find yourself sounding good on the piano you are encouraged to learn more and learn fast. Piano chords are a combination of 3 notes that are played at the same time. The formation of the beginner basic chords is straight forward. You can learn your first chord in the scale of C in under 5 minutes and the entire scale scale in the same day. Once you know the finger pattern for a piano chord, there is very little you can do to get it wrong. So once you start playing even the most basic of piano chords, you start sounding good on the piano.

Get More Confidence In Your Piano Playing

So now that you are progressing fast and have managed to learn your first scale in the first day, how do you feel about learning the piano? The odds are you feel pretty great. And that is very important. A lot of people give up learning the piano because they soon get dejected with not making progress or soon getting stuck with their learning process. This is not likely to happen when you learn to play the piano with chords. Since you make fast progress, gain a sound understanding of notes and patterns, you stay motivated to practise and learn more. Learning piano with chords goes a long way in ensuring that you do not hit a wall with your progress.

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Learn Piano Chords – Fastest Way To Learn Piano

Which brings us to the 3rd advantage of learning piano with chords. This is probably the fastest method of learning to play the piano. When you learn the piano chords you are immediately able to play and sing along with a simple song as soon as you have learnt the finger pattern for 3 basic chords of the C scale, i.e. C, F and G. Once you know the first few basic patterns, moving on to the next scales and learning the chords therein becomes second nature.

Learn Piano Chords – The Most Effective Way Of Learning Sheet Music

Learning piano with chords is also a great way to ease yourself in to learning music notation. The way to represent chords on a music sheet is simple and gives you a good understanding of how the notes are represented and what the various symbols of the music sheet means. And very importantly, you will not just be reading and memorising the sheet music as many conventional learning approaches with have you do. You will be playing what you are reading sand writing on the music sheet. Believe me, it is much more fun to learn sheet music when you are actually playing what you are reading. And you will be surprised at how easy learning to read music really is when you do it with piano chords.

Learn Piano Chords – Understand Music Notes Better

Some piano teaching approaches require you to memorize music sheets without understanding them.

This can be cumbersome and time consuming. Playing and learning piano with chords gives you a clear idea of how the notes lie on the piano keyboard. They also help you to understand what the different scales and note sequences are all about. The notes of any particular song mostly cover the notes contained in a particular music scale. And the notes of any scale can be covered by the chords of that scale.
When you learn the notes of a chord in a song, you have learn the notes of the song itself and pretty soon you can manage to play the song as well as the chords together.

Learn Piano Chords – Sing Along While You Practice

Learning piano with chords is the way to go if you are inclined towards singing along. You can literally do this from day 1 of your piano lessons. As soon as you learn the first 3 chords, you can sing along and practice dozens of songs. Even learning piano through chords is a great approach, unfortunately there are not too many lesson guides or even teachers who will follow this approach.

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