Memorising Lines And Spaces On Music Sheet

MEMORISING THE LINES AND SPACES I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase “Every Good Boy Deserves Football” and of course this is used to help memorise the lines of the Right Hand staff in musical notation. This really IS the best way to do it.

Knowing the notes on the lines and spaces and of the music sheet, I.e. both on the Treble and the Bass staff is the key to reading the music. This is the first step and albeit a simple one. However, getting familiar with the notes on the music sheet can take time and practise in spite of being simple. We encourage you to devote as much time as possible doing this. You do not have to do anything complicated as practise. Just observe the diagrams given below and memorise them. Of course reading and playing at the same time helps you to get familiar with the lines and spaces of the music sheet as well.

Before you can read or write any music, the 1st thing you will need to do is memorize which line on the musical staff stands for which no. You need to get extremely familiar with this.

In order to memorize, there are certain easy remembering tactics and mnemonics that are used. I use the following.

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Mnemonics to help you memorize the notes on a staff

RIGHT HAND LINES – Every Good Boy Deserves Football


LEFT HAND LINES – Good Boys Don’t Frighten Animals, Great Beethoven’s Deafness Frustrated All (G-B-D-F-A)

LEFT HAND SPACES –  A C E Garage, All Cows Eat Grass (A-C-E-G)

Notice that the Lines and Spaces above and below the Right Hand lines have the same pattern. This is the same for the Left Hand. USE ALL THE C NOTES AS ROUGH GUIDES. If you memorise the position of the C notes. this will help you ‘get your bearings’.

C notes on music sheet

Note Finder that you can print for reference and for memorising.

Music sheet note finder