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Piano Chords Are Easier To Play Than Guitar Chords

Making chords on the piano so much simpler than making chords on the guitar.

There are many people who want to learn to play a ‘music instrument’. It is one of the things that comes in the category of ‘have to do in this lifetime’. We are all for it and think that its a great idea. However, these people know that they want to learn to play a musical instrument, but they do not necessarily know which one.

There are so many obvious choices, piano, guitar, the drums, the sax and more. There are of course the less obvious ones like cello, tuba etc.. I think the guitar and the piano top the list of anyone looking to learn a musical instrument.

So how do you make the choice. The advantages and the disadvantages of learning either will depend on what you want from your musical hobby. Of course some will tell you that a guitar is more versatile and portable than a piano. But then a portable digital keyboard is not that much bigger than a guitar, even though it will not matchup to the sound of a full piano.

Then again, a keyboard will require power to play whereas an acoustic guitar can be carried and played anywhere I.e. Picnics, bonfires, etc.

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The piano does hold a lot of advantages over other instruments when it comes down to the potential of sound. It is a complete musical instrument capable of playing entire symphonies. As compared to the guitar, it is capable of playing chords and notes at the same time. You can play over 15 notes at the same time on the piano!

Basically, both are great musical instruments to learn.

Learning the piano is not more difficult than earning the guitar as many people seem to believe.
In fact I wish you tell you that learning the piano is in many aspects much easier than the guitar.
There is an easy way to prove this to yourself. Have you ever looked at how chords are made on the guitar?
You can do a google search. In fact we will include a few pictures here.

Guitar chord c7Guitarchord c7Guitar chord c7aug

Now compare the finger positioning and placement with that of the piano. Which one do you think is simpler?
With a piano, you have all the 88 keys laid out before you. And to play them all you have to do is reach down and press. Even a child can do this. But playing the same sequence of notes for a chord on the guitar requires so much more practise.

If you are undecided on the music instrument that you want to learn, remember that what you want from the hobby is going to determine which one is more right or wrong for you.
However, if the piano is one of the contenders in the choice, do not look over it because you think it is going to be more difficult to learn.

No other musical instrument comes close to the interactiveness when it comes to viewing, understanding and playing musical notes. They are all laid out before you in the correct musical chronological sequence.

So make the right choice. Your interest in playing a musical instrument is something that will reward you over and over again over the years. The more effort you put in, the results will be many times over. We wish you all the best.

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