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Which Technique Is Best For Learning Piano?

What technique will you use to learn the piano? The question answer will depend largely on your goals and whether you are a young beginner or an adult. There are, in fact, different techniques to learn a piano. Different methods that are essentially aimed at different goals, or just differ from one teacher to another. In this post we explore how to pick the technique that is right for you

When it comes to discussing piano technique, students usually mean one of two things.

Some are referring to the playing techniques whereas others are referring to the learning method. There are different techniques in both these cases. It is quite common for different piano players to adapt and practice different techniques for playing the piano.

Certain players develop and master techniques of their own. In this post we will mostly speak about the piano technique involved with learning the piano, as in the method that you use to learn the piano.

As a beginner you will quickly realize that they are any methods to learn to play the piano. Whether you learn from a piano teacher or from a self teaching course you are bound to encounter different learning techniques.

In order to decide which one is the right one for you you should consider a few factors which are:

  • number one, age 
  • number two, level of knowledge 
  • number three, reason for learning and the end result you are looking for. 

How does your age determines what the right piano technique for you is? As a very young beginner your piano education is in the hands of parents or the teachers in school. They usually like to follow conventional methods that involve getting familiar with sheet reading and a lot of scale practice. The idea is to make the child a proficient player in a few years time.

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The other major learning bracket is that of an adult. An adult beginner either decides to pick up learning the piano from the scratch or to pick it up from where they left off earlier.

Adult beginners are usually interested in learning the piano with minimum fuss and in less time.

Therefore the technique of learning has to be different from conventional piano lessons. One of the techniques recommended for the adult beginner is to learn the rhythm style piano before anything else. This style teaches the student to first master the basic piano chords and the rhythms.

At this point, complex sheet reading and practice is usually not involved. Nor are you required to do a lot of finger and scale practices. That comes later. The advantage of the rhythm style technique of learning piano is that you actually start playing some wonderful songs on the piano in a few days.

This technique is a lot more engaging than conventional lessons. It is also a lot more fun and easy to master. After having become familiar with the rhythms and technique it is somewhat easier to master more chords, progressions and move on to more complex lessons like jazz, blues and even classical piano. Important note: Parents who are guiding their children should also note that this method of learning the piano can be used to break the monotony of regular lessons if they feel that the child is losing interest or seems to have hit a wall in their progress.

The ability to play songs of choice on the piano can greatly arouse interest of the child once again in pursuing the learning with a greater zest.

The second factor in deciding the right learning technique is your current level of knowledge. If you’re already an intermediate player you are ready to move to more complex lessons of blues and jazz progressions.

Scale practice is a good option at this point. So is practising sight reading and becoming proficient at it. Take the help of a teacher for specialized lessons or use a good advanced self teaching piano course. What is the reason for you learning the piano and the expected end results.

Your final intended destination is everything when it comes to choosing the technique for learning the piano. For example if you want to become an accomplished site reader, want to play piano proficiently from sheet feeding and by the ear, you need a good piano teacher or join a good piano course.

If you intend to play the piano publicly on stage, a combination of a self learning piano lesson as well as a piano teacher who can guide you effectively, is highly recommended.

The greatest advantage of learning from a piano teacher is that your lessons can be highly customized to your requirements.

If you are a young beginner or a parent who wants their child to become an accomplished player in a few years then nothing less than a proper piano education will do.

Self learning guides are too limited to provide the kind of expertise that you are probably looking to imbibe in your child. So keeping all the above points in mind choose the right piano learning technique and have a wonderful journey with this marvelous musical instrument. As always do share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting below on this post.