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What Is Pianoforall – Pianoforall Review

What are Pianoforall piano lessons? 

Pianoforall is an online piano learning course. It consists of 10 ebooks, over 200 videos and 500 audio lessons. All of this is compiled in a single package. Each ebook has its own set of video and audio lessons. When you open the ebook in Adobe Acrobat ( pdf reader) you can access the videos and audios easily by clicking the links in the book. You do not need to run separate applications to view the video. The video pops open within the ebook it self.

In this Pianoforall review we discovered quiet a few advantages. Pianoforall is different from all other piano books and courses that you have probably seen so far.

This is how your ebook looks on the computer… Read, see and hear your piano lessons all the same time!

Piano video and audio lessons


These piano lessons move away with conventional methods of learning the piano that most other lessons tend to follow. You start straightway with learning piano chords and every thing else follows on the basis of that knowledge.

Hence the claim “ Sound good on the piano from day one”. Conventional methods of learning piano will have you studying sheet music and practicing finger formation for weeks before you play anything. Pianoforall teaches you all of this but by teaching you to actually play the piano.

Pianoforall introduces your favorite artists and popular numbers as a ‘method’ to practice and even learn to read sheet music. So while you are learning the essentials of piano playing and music theory you are doing this in a much more interesting way through songs that you know and like to play.

You will quickly pick up the skills that will enable you play any musical genre of your liking. The very first set of lessons you will learn are the ‘Rhythm Style’ piano akin to that of the Beatles, Cold Play, Elton John and Billy Joel, among others. These classics are definitely fun and will take you step-by-step through each and every rhythm and chord you’ll ever need.

Pianoforall is designed to streamline your progress with piano learning. You stay inspired and make fast progress. And it is quiet true what the guide claims. You do sound good on the piano right from the start. The secret lies is learning to play the piano with chords which this piano course exemplifies beautifully.

Once the basics have been mastered, the subsequent lessons will teach you Blues, Pop, Rock n’ Roll, Ballads, Jazz, and Classical Piano. 

There are 10 books in the entire course. You do waste anytime getting on the piano and start with your first piano chords and rhythms straight away. Even better? You learn them to play to some great songs.

The Pianoforall is no way a limited course. 

It covers the ground for all styles of piano playing comprehensively. And it is full of knowledge and information from years of experience of Robin Hall.

Pianoforall includes Robin’s tricks of easy piano, formulas, memorisation techniques, as well as his signature ‘bluffs’, which all aid to speed up the learning process. There is an entire book to “Speed Learn” piano.

Special piano lessons for the iPad.

This is actually a pretty great thing about these lessons. You also get a special version that can be loaded on to your iPad and other tablets as well. All you piano books and your video lessons can be put on your tablet. Can you imagine the many advantages of this? For one, you can just open the iPad on top of your piano or keyboard and play your lessons from it just like a music book.

One of the most comprehensive and fun ways to learn the piano online. 

The one thing we hear very often from subscribers is that Pianoforall helped them learn more when they had hit a wall  with other piano guides and lessons.

People are mostly amazed at how much they start learning and how quickly when their piano learning progress seemed to have stalled earlier. We hear from so many people who picked up playing the piano again after years just because of Pianoforall and the novel approach it takes to piano learning easier and so much more enjoyable.


Start Learning Piano With Chords – Pianoforall Review

When you purchase the piano lessons from this website, you get a rare method of learning to play the piano with chords. The first piano lessons you will go through will teach you how to play piano chords and some great rhythms. 

Why does this matter? Because this is one of the best ways to learn not just the piano but any other instrument. Guitar players have used this same method to learn the guitar in a matter of a few days.

And now you can take advantage of the same method with learning the piano. In fact applying this method to the piano makes it even easier to learn than the guitar. 

There are several advantages of learning to play piano with chords.

  • Learning to play piano with chords gives you a good understanding of piano notes and scales. It makes advanced learning easier.
  • Piano chords make it easier to understand sheet reading.
  • You sound great right from the start and learn faster as compared to any other piano learning method.
  • You can learn to play your first song in a matter of days.
  • Since you stay inspired with your progress you learn even more and make better progress.

Chords form the foundation for playing all genres of piano music from pop, to ballads, rock, blues and jazz. You will be amazed at how many of the seemingly complicated pieces of classical piano are just a sequence and variations of 7th and 9th piano chords.

You can learn to play some great songs on the piano in a matter of days. Learning to play piano with chords is the recommended method of learning for adult beginners. Not everyone has the time to practise for months before being able to play the piano.

Unfortunately the conventional piano lessons have many adult beginners shying away from learning the piano. With these piano lessons you will learn everything you need to know to start playing the piano.


You will learn all styles and genres of piano playing from Blues and Jazz to Country and Classical. The full piano course comes complete with 10 piano ebooks, with over 200 embedded video lessons and 500 audio lessons. You are also backed with a 60 days money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose. Download today.

Simplest & Fastest Way To Learn Piano – Pianoforall Review

Are you interested in learning the piano as quickly as possible?

If you are like most adult beginners, the odds are that the answer is going to be a resounding ‘yes’. Most of us do not want to wait for years before we become good at playing a musical instrument.

A good piano keyboard comes for a generous sum of money and you should be able to enjoy it from day 1.

Get the course that is the fastest way to learn piano online. Proven and used by thousands all over the world. Get 60 days risk free access.


Pianoforall IS the simplest way to learn piano. And the fastest.
Pianoforall makes it simple. And it makes it enjoyable.

Have you ever picked up a piano playing book and put it back down thinking it was too complicated? Pianoforall will have exactly the opposite reaction.

At the very outset you will see how easy the lessons are. You be playing the piano and sounding good on the piano from the word go.

Whats the secret? The secret for the effectiveness of Pianoforall is the method used. Gone are complicated and conventional methods of learning sheet reading before anything else.

You will learn sheet reading but only in due course. You will learn from ebooks that have embedded video and audio lessons that allow you to read, hear and see your lessons at the same time. This in itself shaves off years of learning and piano practise.

Pianoforall method is similar to what guitar players have been doing for years, I.e. Learn to play the chords first. You will begin by learning rhythm style piano which is incredibly easy to learn. Rhythm style piano is what self taught artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, Coldplay, Norah Jones, Lionel Ritchie etc play. You will sound good one piano play your first song in days.


And the better news? Pianoforall will take you from beginners lessons to blues riffs and jazz and the classics following the same straight forward, no nonsense approach.

Piano Lessons For Ipad & iPhone – Pianoforall Review

Learn piano ipad app

One of the interesting features about the Piano For All piano course is that you get piano lessons for the iPad and the iPhone. When you download Piano For All, you not only get piano ebooks, video and audio lessons for your computer but also a special piano course download for your iPad.

You can access the entire piano lessons as well as the videos and audio on your tablet. You can even put in on your iPhone. You will be able to read, see and hear the entire course in one application. And it works seamlessly. This is a great advantage. Your piano lessons will always stay with you and even when you are practicing on the piano or keyboard you can simply put the iPad in front of you and it will be just like a song book open on top of the piano.

You can download piano lessons on your iPad directly if you are buying from the device. Or you can buy now and load it later through your computer by syncing it with iTunes or accessing the download page on your tablet. This syncing process is the same as loading songs and other content on the iPad. If you are not sure how to do this, don’t worry. Complete instructions will be provided to you in your download section. You will have instant access to the download page after buying the Piano For All course.

The iPad piano lessons are likely to be compatible with most other tablets as well.

We believe in making the piano lessons as easy to follow and as accessible as possible. Having piano lessons on your iPad has shown to be effective. The books and video lessons well presented so that even when you are away from the piano, they make for a very interesting read. In fact you learn a lot simply by reading, listening and hearing. And when its time to practice you are that much familiar with the course material.

Putting the iPad in from of your when playing the piano is like having a piano lessons book open on top of your piano. It is really very convenient and conducive to practising piano effectively. Of course in addition to a regular book this one gives you audio lessons as well and shows you video of how to play the piano. It is closely akin to sitting with a teacher who tells you and shows you how to practise and play.

It is a joy and a pleasure to see Robin Hall demonstrate the lessons in neatly put out piano learning videos.


So if this is something that interests you, go ahead and try out Piano For All piano learning course. You will not be disappointed. And I guess we should mention that this course has the best reviews of any piano course online. All the best.

Limitations Of Pianoforall – Pianoforall Review


First of all, Pianoforall tends to have the same dis-advantage that all self teaching piano guides have. A person learning about music for the first time and having no knowledge what so ever will find it a scary prospect to take on the piano by themselves. This has not so much to do with the piano guide itself rather than the psyche of the person who has never attempted to learn a musical instrument before.

Therefore, Pianoforall might appeal more to people with some experience with learning the piano or any other musical instrument before. People who have learnt a music instrument before are much more confident about using a self learning guide to learn the same or a new instrument. It is just in out nature to feel confident about learning something in the physical presence of a teacher. At least, initially.

Pianoforall does not get in to a LOT of music theory or very technical aspects like pedalling. There are complete books that have been written on the art of pedalling. What is simply does is, it teaches you how to PLAY. Practise is required to make you good at the piano but the complete piano course delves in to all kinds of piano styles from rhythms to blues to jazz and classical piano. You will learn a lot from this course.

This is perhaps the singular factor that makes Pianoforall stand apart from all other piano books. You learn a lot of things and many different styles and genres.

Even most of the mainstream piano learning book skip over even teaching you the things that you will learn with Pianoforall. The piano books that we have seen either focus of making you learn how to read music or assume that you do.

If you are a raw beginner, Pianoforall will give you the confidence to learn your self by making things as simple as they can to begin learning the piano.

If you have learnt piano before, Pianoforall is the way to pick up things where you left off. You will experience a surge of progress.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this Pianoforall review. We believe in the effectiveness of these lessons and highly recommend it to everyone. Even the ones who have been playing for years.

This is one piano guide and course that you must have in your collection. Besides, everyone must have a self learning piano guide. It will always be there with you to teach you new things.

You can post your own Pianoforall review here by commenting on this page. We recommend that you get the full trial and experience it for yourself. 


You have full 2 months to try out the piano lessons. If you do not think they are for you for any reason, you can get your money refunded back with a single click.

Everyone Can Learn Piano With These Lessons – Pianoforall Review

Reason For Choosing Pianoforall piano lessons – Everyone Can Learn To Play Piano

Pianoforall truly lives up to its name. It is a piano lesson guide that can be used by every one. Adult beginners have used it and amateur musicians have used to to sharpen their piano playing skills and to learn new techniques.

But more importantly you need to understand the immense power and knowledge that this piano guide puts at your disposal. There is virtually no way that you are coming away from these piano lessons without learning some great things about playing the piano.

If your excuse is that you do not have the time, Pianoforall can make you sound from day 1. If you are not good at reading music, you can thank Robin Hall for including embedded video and audio lesson in the ebooks.

You can read, hear and see what to play and how to play.
The Pianoforall review is a good place to read more about the advantages and limitations of this piano course.

The singular feature that all beginners are going to enjoy about Pianoforall is the ability to teach piano in a simple and straight forward manner. Many students get to the opinion that the piano is a difficult instrument to learn. It is not. It is easier to learn than the guitar. It is easier than the flute or the sax and virtually any other instrument you can think of.

Do not confuse the complicity of the mechanism and construction of the piano with its learning difficulty level.

Pianoforall builds your foundation with piano chords and rhythm. From their you will progress to learning blues, rock roll, jazz and even the classical piano.


Join our newsletter and see the video of how Fur Elise is nothing but piano chords played in the ballad style.

Easy Way To Learn Sheet Reading – Pianoforall Review

Learn To Read Music In A Better Way

Most of the conventional piano lessons want you to start with learning music notation which is enough to put off many beginners. Being proficient with reading music is wonderful. But it is also arduous. And it takes a long time to master. If you are not allowed to progress with learning to play the piano till you can learn to read music proficiently, things can get very frustrating for the beginner.

A lot of people give up at this stage.

However, as Pianoforall tells you, it is not so much as ‘what’ you learn as about ‘HOW’ you learn it.

With Pianoforall you will learn to read music as you play it on the piano. By the time that you reach the final book on learning Classical Piano, you will have become quiet comfortable with reading music sheets.

In fact, throughout the course there will be no point where your progress will depend on your ability to read music.
All lessons have graphics, diagrams, videos AND music notation lessons.

You will be taught all that you need to know about sheet reading concisely and clearly. It will leave you wondering what the big deal was about in the first place.

Expert sheet reading music comes with great practise. But how important is it to learnt to read music to learn the piano itself? That depends on you. There are a lot of self taught musicians who do not know how to read.

Personally, we think it is another aspect of learning music.

[quote]Sheet reading is not something that is specific to piano itself. It is a wonderful skill. It is the language in which music is written. And since lots of music has been written for the piano, learning to read music will open up a whole universe of piano compositions for you.[/quote]

Skilful reading goes hand in hand with skilful playing.

There is no point learning one without the other. What you read on the music sheet needs to transform in to what your fingers play on the piano. Otherwise whats the point. With Pianoforall you learn both simultaneously.


Every aspect of learning the piano is and should be enjoyable. Read the Piano For All review to understand and critique more features and limitations of this online piano guide.


Demonstration Video – Pianoforall Review

It is incredibly easy to learn to play the piano with “Piano For All”. As they rightly say, it is not about ‘what’ you learn as ‘how’ you learn it. Piano for All is a complete lessons set of piano lessons for beginners and intermediate piano players. You start with Book One that teaches you  to play rhythm style piano. This kind piano playing is used by artists like Billy Joel, Elton John, Barry Manilow, Lennon, Paul McCartney, Paul Johnson, Coldplay, Lionel Richie etc. AND it INCREDIBLY easy to learn. You will sound good on the piano from Day One.

Piano For All gives you over 200 video lessons, 500 audio lessons and 10 books on Piano Playing Lessons.

Watch the Demonstration Video below as a an example of things to come. We wish you all the best. Do write in, comment or post on our Facebook page if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.



10 Piano Books & 200 Video Lessons – Pianoforall Review

When you try and learn the piano yourself make sure that you are getting video lessons along with the course. Many people purchase piano courses and not just the beginners. There are those who want to learn a new style such as jazz piano, blues or classical piano.

Then there are those who buy piano books and courses to learn further and improve their piano playing.

In stead of buying piano books, you should try the piano course that is being offered on this website. You not only get 10 piano ebooks but you also get them embedded with over 200 video lessons and 500 audio lessons covering each and every lesson in the book.

Video piano lessons make the experience of learning that much more effective. You can see exactly how you are supposed to learn and play a particular lesson.

The way these lessons have been designed make the ‘most effective piano learning method’ online. The videos can be watched separately, but more importantly, they are also embedded in the ebooks. That means that you can read, hear and see you lessons at the same time. No other piano lessons offers this.

The image below is a screenshot of how the video and audio piano lessons open within the ebook itself.

ebboks with video and audio piano lessons


Anyone can learn to play the piano with these lessons. While sheet music is included with every lesson, there is no need to know how to read music. The video lessons take you step by step through the entire piano course. 

The fact that all the videos and audio lessons are right there where you need them, cuts your learning time by more than half. Its true. Hundreds of students from all over the world have testified to this fact.

These piano lessons are also much more easier to handle and learn from than the regular DVD piano lessons. You do not have to alternate with watching the DVDs and reading the course material, you do not have to hook up a separate player to a television and you do not even have to open separate player windows to see you lessons.

Just open the ebooks and you are good to go. You can also load these piano lessons on to your iPad as well as other tablets. The ebooks and the videos work just as well making it even more convenient to learn the piano.


We wish you all the best. Download the full piano course today. You are backed by a 60 days money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose and only great piano prowess to gain.