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How To Play Piano By Ear

What is so special about playing the piano by ear?

It is extremely liberating for one. You do not have to rely on instructions and for someone to teach you how to play a certain music. You do not have to look for online music sheets and lessons in order to know how a particular piece of music is to be played on the piano.

Did you know that many of the famous artists do not know how to read music? Not that reading music is any kind of disadvantage. But knowing the very sound of music and knowing how music notes and scales work is the key to playing piano by the ear.

A very good example is as follows. Have you ever heard musicians playing an amazing accompanying riff on the guitar or on the keyboard to a song being performed? Have you ever wondered and wanted to play the piano like that? Where you could just accompany any song and play along?
The answer lies in knowing just 5 notes in the scale that the song is being performed in. With these 5 notes you can play an amazing accompaniment to the entire song.

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As for playing the song itself by ear.

The secret of playing piano by ear lies in knowing the scales and the piano chords.

Once you know these 2 things you will understand completely the sequence of notes in any song.
Of course the classics and the piano symphonies are more complicated than that.
But you will be able to determine what notes are being played when you know what the chords are and vice versa.

So in the other words, the secret to playing piano by the ear is knowing your scales and chords.
Of course it takes a bit of practise and the ability to distinguish sounds and different notes. But this comes naturally when you start learning the piano chords.

The great benefit of Piano For All is that it starts you learning the piano with chords and scales. You are geared up to play the piano by ear right from the start. There are hundreds of chord progressions already given in the course for just as many songs. But you will realise that you can apply the same principle to chords rhythm to almost any other song.

Improvisation is another important element of playing piano by ear. You will learn this when you learn from Piano For All. This will be specially emphasised when you start with the course for playing the blues and the jazz piano.

So if playing piano by ear is your concern, do not be too concerned about it. You can learn it with practise. And with the right piano learning approach. You do not have to be a slave to sheet music anymore. Many people who play the piano would fall in to this category. They can read the music sheet expertly but they cannot improvise and play piano by ear just as easily.

Well now you can. Use the resources on this website to become more adept at playing piano by ear. We wish you all the best.