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Buying An Acoustic Piano – Pros and Cons

We are now going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an acoustic piano. This is the important step in taking the nest step in purchasing the keyboard of your dreams i.e. whether to go acoustic or buy digital.

Pros/Advantages of Buying An Acoustic Piano

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Sound quality

No matter how good a digital keyboard is, there is almost nothing to match the feel and the sound of acoustic piano even if it is a standard upright piano and not a grand piano.


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Many people do not think about this, but acoustic pianos are coveted and precious instruments. Their value is actually going to appreciate over the years if you keep it in good condition. For this reason you can actually think of your purchase as an investment.


An acoustic piano sitting in your living room looks fabulous. It feels great, it looks great and you can be proud of it every time you look at it.

Cons/Disadvantages of an Buying an acoustic piano


This is perhaps the 1st prohibiting factor that any person looking to purchase an acoustic piano will face. Acoustic pianos are generally considerably more expensive than digital keyboards.

Size and space

Space and be a restrictive factor when purchasing an acoustic piano as they take up more space than digital keyboards. At least in most cases. You need to be practical and think beforehand as to how and where you would place the piano. You should also be staying in a place where you can actually manage to get an acoustic piano inside the doorway.

Maintenance costs for an acoustic piano

Whether you think your piano requires it or not, an acoustic piano has to go through an annual or a semiannual tuning at the cost of $75 $250 per session. This might not be cheap but it is essential to maintain your piano in a good condition. Leaving it untuned and for long time may damage the tonal quality of your piano permanently.