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5 Reasons Why A Piano Is The Most Versatile Instrument

piano is versatile

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The versatility of a piano is quite unmatched by almost any other instrument. While this statement may be the result of a bit of a bias, it is also actually quite true. Following are some of the reasons why a piano is incomparable to another musical instrument.

  1. Pianos are capable of playing a wide range of volumes from very soft to very loud. While this is also true for something like a guitar, what makes the piano different is the fact that the piano can play several notes that same time. So can a guitar but not as many as a piano. Piano is perhaps the only instrument on which complicated sonatas and symphonies can be played with a mixture of different tonal sounds and a complex pattern of chords like Augmented, 7th, 6th, 9th chords and so on. A piano facilitates playing beautiful and complex music better than any other instrument.
  2. Pianos are toned or pitched instruments which means they’re capable of producing different musical notes as compared to drums or symbols. Of course the intention the purpose of drums and other rhythm instruments is to give a beat or rhythm and are just as important a part of the musical composition. But a drumbeat is not very hummable is it. Which brings us to the next point.
  3. A piano is a completely solo instrument capable of being played on its own and producing a full and complete musical piece. There are many musical compositions written for the piano alone.
  4. A piano has the widest pitch range of any instrument ranging from very low notes to very high.
  5. A piano can play several notes at the same time. There are several other acoustic music instruments such as clarinet that can be played softly and loudly but it can only play one note at a time. Even a violin can play 2 or 3 notes at once but with the piano you can play as many as 10 notes and sometimes even more by using the sustain pedal which allows more notes to ring together than even the number of fingers on your hands.