Piano Basics

Reasons Why You Want To Learn The Piano

So if you are still on on the sidelines about which music instrument to learn, and all of them are great really, there are a few compelling reasons why you want to give the piano some serious consideration. Here are some great reasons for choosing to learn the piano as a way to opening yourself to all genres of music. Learning the piano is a great way to understand and learn ‘music’ the principles of which can be applied to any musical instrument.

It is quite common for someone to pick up piano very early on in their life as children when parents make them join a piano class. But for many people, this is not something that sticks.

Parents try and make their children join many extracurricular activities sometimes from their own ambitions and sometimes to help decide what is it that he or she is really good at. Unfortunately, many children when given a shot at learning the piano when very young, do not find the time or the patience to continue with it unless they are naturals and get very good at it.

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If you ever had a piano lessons as a child but did not continue it or even if you never had piano lessons but want to pick it up now, it is not too late to learn playing the piano.

Following are some of the reasons why you would want to pick up learning the piano.

  1. You want to re-create your favorite songs and composition.
    For many people, just listening to their favorite songs and compositions is not enough. They like to sing along or be able to re-create that musical piece on their own. Being able to reproduce the music on your own brings it to life and also brings a great deal of satisfaction to the person playing it.

  2. You like a challenge
    Learning the piano can be extremely rewarding, gratifying and yet also a challenge. To graduate to intermediate and advanced levels of playing the piano takes time, patience and practice. People who want to pick up a hobby that presents a personal challenge, rewards them every step of the way, learning to play the piano is a good choice. Learning to play the piano is a never ending challenge and you will have a wealth of options and potential for growth available at any point of time.

  3. Piano playing is satisfying and personally rewarding.
    As you come along on your progress of learning to play the piano, you will find that it offers several bonuses and gives back for all the time that you had devoted practicing it. You can play a piano at a party or family gathering. You can have a great time doing this and also entertain others extremely well. You can get a chance to sing your favorite songs for yourself as well as with others.

  4. You want to play all kinds of genres
    When you learn how to read sheet music, and have practiced your piano playing sufficiently you can easily play all styles of music including classical, jazz, rock, country, folk, Cabaret, Broadway and more. As a musical instrument it is the center of the musical universe and you will find that you can adapt your piano playing skills suitably to lay all styles of music.

  5. Piano playing also has the ability to increase the focus and concentration of the student. It can also be a time where you are almost in meditative state and therapeutic of mind because paying the piano requires the kind of concentration where you cease to think about anything else or at least that is what you should do.