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How To Start With Beginner Piano Lessons

Where is the good place for a beginner to start learning the piano?

There is perhaps nothing to beat the presence and the help of a real piano teacher.
But there are other ways as well.

Today there are beginner piano courses and lessons available that help someone learn to play the piano even if they have never ever laid hands on one.

This is what we are going to discuss here. Beginner piano lessons can take many different approaches. The same is true for different piano teachers. They all might take different approach.

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However, the self help guides for beginner piano usually take the form of the following:

  1. Beginner Piano Books, which includes ebooks that can be bought and downloaded online through various websites as well as book stores like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.
  2. DVD beginner piano lessons are usually a collection of video lessons where all instructions are provided by a piano teacher and a tutor. The lesson practice are demonstrated on video by the teacher. These DVDs may or may not be accompanied by the written version in the form of a book as well. Sometimes the books version is a digital ebook which is loaded on to the one of the Dvds. The number of DVDs in the beginner piano lesson series usually ranges from 10-20 DVDs.
  3. Ebooks and Digital Video Lessons. Another form of beginner piano lessons are similar to the one mentioned above. They are ebooks and video lessons. The only difference is that they are available for a digital download. You do not have to wait for them to be shipped to you. Once downloaded they are instantly accessible on your computer.
  4. Online Piano Course For Beginners. The final form of beginner piano course takes the form of piano course that is purely online. There is nothing to download. These beginner lessons work like a subscription. You pay a certain fee every month to subscribe and log in to a website where all the lesson material along with videos and instructions is made available to you.

So as you can see you have a lot of options open to you when you want to look for a piano learning guide for beginners.

We recommend choosing a beginner piano course that comes with videos if you are a complete beginner. A visual demonstration by the instructor himself helps in understanding a lot of things in a faster time for the complete newbie. The good news is that there is no shortage of these lessons. Almost all beginner piano lessons online come with videos.

The biggest decision that a person is faced with when starting to play the piano is which books and which piano playing instructions to buy. There are just so many.

Here on this website we make the choice a little easier for you. First of all, you will find several resources and lessons listed here that will well get you started with learning the piano. You can easily start by joining our free piano lessons in email. You will get some very comprehensive and effective beginner piano lessons align with ebooks and videos.

For a complete approach to beginner piano, we recommend 2 piano course,
Pianoforall, and Learn & Masters Piano.

Both differ from each other in several respects. We recommend starting with Pianoforall as that is a very good beginners piano course that takes an extremely effective approach to get you to start playing the piano in record time. And second, it is more affordable than Learn & Masters at $39. Read more about this course here.

Learn & Masters is also an excellent piano course for beginners. It is a set of 20 DVDs and has been created by renowned Will Barrow. If you are all right with spending about $100 on a piano course, this is the course to choose.
We wish you all the best. Do write in and ask us a question if you need more information about making the right choice for a beginner piano lesson. Just post your comments and questions below.