Piano Basics

The Creativity and Skill Required to Play A Piano

The entire journey in learning the piano and the kind of artwork and skill that it requires, is extremely rewarding for everyone who participates in this process. Learning the piano has its mental side as well as the physical side. It requires creativity, discipline and engages both your mind and body which is a deeply unifying and satisfying experience.

When you learn how to read music and play the names on the piano, you learn to process information from the 2 peripheries of your bodies that is your eyes and your fingertips. When you 1st read the music written on paper, your eyes send the information to your brain which possesses the notes that you are reading. It then sends this information to your hands and fingers telling them where and how to move. Your fingers develop their own sense of touch as they learn to move around on the keyboard and your brain learns to associate different keys with expectation of different sounds. Your brain gets instant reaction and ratification from the sound that you hear coming from the piano once you play it. You automatically process information like whether or not did you get the right note, the correct rhythm, the correct volume and so on. This enables you to constantly improve the results of your piano play practice.

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Learning to play the piano offers a extremely wide band for your creativity to come into play. The notes written on a sheet of paper can only tell you so much. Which is why the same musical piece performed by 2 different pianists can be noticeably different. Even two performances by the same pianist can come out differently. You have a lot of choice as to whether you want to play the musical piece faster, slower etc. It is extremely easy and natural to get involved with the sounds that you create when playing a piano and end up creating something of your own.

For this reason alone, a piano facilitates creativity to a great extent. That is why it is the chosen instrument for composers all over the world.