The Secret Of Playing Piano By Ear

Playing by ear

The one big secret for learning to play the piano by ear is to learn how to play piano chords.

When you learn to play the piano with chords, you get attuned to the way the notes work in a song. You understand the chord and notes pattern of a song. That means you whenever you hear a song you can easily apply a scale and the chords to it.

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Since the notes in chords make up the notes of most of the song , you know exactly what keys need to play. Playing the piano by ear is very liberating. You no longer have to rely on to get your hands on a music sheet or someone to teach you a song before you can play it yourself. In fact as you become proficient, playing the piano by ear will be the way for you to learn new songs. Learning to play the piano by ear makes you are more impromptu player as well. This style of playing is ideal for parties and singing along with friends when you are doing one number after another on request. And it is really not all that difficult. Of course you need to have an ear for music. But besides that when you learn piano chords well, you will realise that you can very easily mould any song on the piano on a short notice.

Another important part of playing the piano by ear is to learn the piano rhythms. Piano For All takes care of this for you as well. In fact, the first 2 books are all about piano chords and rhythms. After moving you down this path, the course quickly teaches you how you you can use the same rhythms and chords to play piano jazz and blues. It really is fantastic what all you can do when you have mastered the chords not the piano.

Surprisingly, many proficient piano players who have been playing for many years are severely handicapped when it comes to playing the piano by ear. They have been trained to read the sheet music and they can do this backwards. They can very expertly translate the notes that they read to music on the piano. But tell them to improvise on an unpractised song and they find themselves at sea. You can prevent this from happening to you by not becoming a slave to sheet music. This is because they have been trained to do just that. Learn how to play the piano by ear and you will never be short of numbers to play and sing along on the piano.

All the musicians of any age have played the piano by ear. In fact playing the piano by ear is the only way original music can come in to being. The great composers whose music piano students are supposed to read and memorise were playing the piano by ear only. They were not reading anyone else’s music and were in many cases not formally trained in music theory as well. Even the contemporary piano players and musicians use a cheat sheet. A piano cheat sheet is not the complete music sheet at all but a very abridged version that has some information about the song such as the chords being played. The rest is up to the musician to improvise.

Learning to play the piano by ear is very liberating. You can play pretty much any song on the piano. Some songs might take longer than others to master, but you will no longer be dependent on someone to teach you or look for lessons online to play the songs you want. You will be able to improvise quickly whenever the situation arises. The truth is that once you have learnt how to play the piano by ear, you will be able to play almost all the songs, especially sing along. Coming out with exact renditions of classic piano symphonies is going to take more work but you will gradually get better.

Piano For All will show you mostly all you need to know about playing the piano by ear. All you need is to know the right approach and the right music knowledge. Careful listening to music and following the course method set by Piano For All will train you to play by the ear as well. By the end of the course you will be in a position to take on any song or composition of choice. In fact, you will not have to wait till the end of the course. By the end of Book 1 of this course you will be well attuned to the sound of various chords and all the basic piano rhythms.