Buying Guide

Things To Look For When Buying Or A New Digital Keyboard / Piano

The important features to look out for when buying a new digital keyboard or digital piano, for a good learning and playing experience. The absence of these might impede your learning process and hinder playing progress.

If you  are considering upgrading or buying a new digital keyboard or piano anytime soon, we  advise taking note of a few features that are a must have.

They are as follows:

  1. Weighted key action.
  2. Touch response.
  3. Sustain pedals.
  4. Good sound sampling.

Weighted key action replicates the feel and weight of the ivory keys of a real piano. Otherwise you  get a spring loaded plastic feel to the keyboard which according to me robs a lot from the experience of piano playing.

Touch response is extremely important as it means that each note plays as loudly or softly depending on how hard you  hit the key.

Tonal range is a huge feature of piano playing. If you  cannot control the softness or loudness of individual notes, you  will not be able to make the keyboard sound right. You do not need worry about this when buying an acoustic piano. But a digital keyboard may or may not have this feature.

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Sustain pedals – Many people who purchase a digital keyboard do not consider buying pedals as an accessory.

If you are buying a acoustic piano then you do not need to worry about this. A pedal is required of you  are learning to play conventional piano. Almost every piano piece will require you  to use the pedals to sustain certain notes and stop others.

Pedals on a digital keyboard make sense if you are going to be using it as a digital piano. Strictly playing pop may not require you to have sustain pedals. But pedals can serve some very cool purposes otherwise as well, so it’s probably a good idea to have them.

A digital piano will come with the pedals just like an acoustic one.

Good sound sampling.

What does the sound of a digital keyboard depend upon? 2 things. The speakers attached to the keyboard and the sound sampling. The digital keyboards today produce the sound of various musical instruments by using sound samplings from the actual instrument.

The better the sampling the better and more realistic is the sound. So if you  want your digital piano to sound like a real grand or as close as possible then you need to buy a digital piano with a good sound sampling. And usually when it comes to the sound quality of a keyboard you  get what you  pay for.

So if you are buying or upgrading your current keyboard these main Points in mind and you  are on your way to making a sound choice.