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This Is How We Teach You To Play The Piano

This is how we teach you to play the piano. 

method of piano learning

This is how we teach you to play the piano. The graphic image is an ample demonstration of how you will progress when you learn from the Piano For All piano guide. The emphasis is on getting your basic in place by learning the piano chords and the rhythm. You will quickly realise how fast you progress to all kinds of piano playign once you have learn the basic piano chords and rhythm.
You will be ready to start playing and practising with the popular songs from Day 1.
Most of the piano lesson guides that we have seen complicate things by giving you complicated music lesson right in the beginning. The emphasis is to make you learn how to read sheet music.
The piano books are the same. We have researched many of the very popular titles and found that the approach is the same. They all ask you to go through complicated sheet music reading without giving you much to learn while you actually play on the piano. They want you to learn all about steps, bars, intervals and how to read them from a music sheet even before they have you play the 1st note on the piano.

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Somewhere they are making it easier for themselves. Once these piano book and piano tutorials have covered the ground for music theory every single lesson that follows is a music sheet. There are no visual aids and no layman explanations. They presume that in order to learn from their piano lesson you have already become proficient in reading music.

This is where Piano For All is different.
You will learn to play the piano while actually playing on it. You will learn to play the chords, before you learn how to write them on a music sheet.
It all becomes easier from there.

When you actually know the notes on the piano keyboard, putting them on the music sheet is much simpler and even fun. It gets as simple as reading a book.
For the adult beginner, knowing every thing about music theory and memorising it by heart is not required.
Most of you are playing the piano for pleasure and passion. You are not getting ready to give an exam on music theory.
Piano For All gives you video, audio as well as written lesson at the same time. You read, you hear and you see what you have to play.

Visual aid in learning the piano is important. If you had a real teacher sitting next to you, you could ask him to show you how to play. This is what we do. We show you.
More than that it is the approach that matter. As adult beginners to learning piano, you do not want tedious music theory lessons. You want to practise and play.
And you will.

There are so many tips, tricks and helpful lesson along the way that teach you to learn to play the piano. The emphasis is getting you to start playing the piano even if you not know what double intervals and 1/16 step beat is.

We wish you all the best and a speedy learning with Piano For All.