Video & Audio Piano Lessons – Its Like Learning With A Tutor

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn to play the piano at home from a real piano tutor?

One of the biggest limitations of self teaching books and guides is that the student has no way of knowing whether what they are playing is actually the right way to do things. This problem is resolved somewhat with video lessons. Not only can you read but you can also see what and how to play. This is much easier to comprehend. After all if you you were learning from a teacher, that is exactly how you would learn.

As long as you are ready to follow the instructions, you can get the hang of how to do things right when learing.

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But video piano lessons can get cumbersome as well. Some come in the form of DVD sets that require you to hook a DVD player to the television. Or play them on your computer at the very least. You need to move between the book and the videos to gather what you need to start your lesson. Like we said, cumbersome.

However, there are options. The piano course that we have in mind does away with these issues. The videos and audio lessons are embedded in ebooks themselves. What does ’embedded’ mean? It means that the video and the audio files play within the ebook themselves. The links are all there next to the next I.e. “Watch The Video”. When you click it, a window pops open right there and plays the lessons while you still read the ebook. There is no need to open any other program on your computer. Convenient, isn’t it? We think so and so do thousands of other piano students.

In fact, the simple thing about having the audio lessons embedded in the ebooks shaves of years of practise. Now you can read, hear and see what you are supposed to play at the same time.

You self learning piano lessons just became just like learning from a piano tutor! We wish you all the best.

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