Piano Basics

What Is A Good Piano Playing Technique

What technique or style of playing the piano should you use?

Piano technique

Piano technique is something that is closely related to things like posture, hand position, key fingering and other physical aspects of playing the piano. These are just some of the things that are involved in Developing the right piano playing technique. 

Don’t confuse piano technique with how good someone sounds on the piano or how well he or she is playing a particular piece of music. The person may have practiced playing that particular song a lot and maybe good at it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there is good technique involved.

So what is a good piano playing technique?

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It all begins with what the masters tell you about how to sit, how to position yourself at the keyboard, how to place your hands on the keyboard, which fingers to use to press what key and how to move up and down the keyboard dividing the entire lengthy of the piano keyboard between your 2 hands.
After this comes your own innovation.

Whatever arrangement works for you and allows you to play better and more comfortably is YOUR piano technique.

So the right piano technique for any piano player is the method of playing that allows you to play with a greater degree of ease and convenience.

For example, a more aggressive style of piano playing may need you to perch yourself more on the edge of the piano, push your bench back and lean more in to the keyboard. This is a technique that allows you to get ‘more at’ at the keyboard.

Many piano players also develop a fingering technique of their own. Just like different guitarists. Which fingers to use for what note and how to interchange when playing down or up the keyboard.
You should go on to YouTube and watch the video of Chico Marx. The way he plays the piano is like nothing you have seen before.

Technique is also closely related to the time tested ways of playing the piano. For example, being seated at the middle C is advised so that you can access all parts of the piano with ease. However, you may lean or shit to the left or the right when you are playing notes to either side constantly.

A good example of this would be when you are playing a digital keyboard that is not of full length. The middle C on such a keyboard may not be of the same pitch as the one on a full 88 key piano. Therefore, you may have to change the placement of your hands accordingly.

So in order to have a good piano technique working for you, start by following the advice that you receive from the masters, and then over time develop a playing method that suits your style, body and allows to play the piano with a greater degree of ease and comfort.