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What Are Piano MIDI Keyboards And What Do They Do

MIDI keyboards are a cool extension to your existing digital keyboards or a digital piano. They allow you to experiment with different sounds as well as record, edit etc. Are they for you? Read on and find out.

Once again, the MIDI function of the keyboard is not something that I use personally. I am more concerned with playing the piano and not too much into experimenting with various other sound effects, keyboards, recording, editing, playing other types of musical devices etc.

All these things are offered by the MIDI functionality of your keyboard. You can connect your keyboard to other keyboards and play more than one instrument simultaneously. They are actually quiet cool and can do a lot of things like playing all kinds of instruments, even drums. There are different kinds of MIDI keyboards available.

You can try interesting recording software and equipment. However, for a person who is trying to learn to play the piano, the MIDI functionality of the keyboard is something that is not of much use. In fact the kind of fun you can have with it will be frowned upon by the classic piano teacher.

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But musicians who love experimenting with sound, love the MIDI keyboards.

A piano learner is not concerned with producing and experimenting with different sounds. Besides most of the better models of digital keyboards have basic options like accompaniment, sound recording etc. which is probably as far as you will go as a piano player.

Unless you are doing engineering sounds and performing professionally, MIDI capabilities of a piano or more suited to a sound artist and a recording engineer.

One piece of advice when you are using a digital keyboard. Always use a surge protector or a constant voltage supply for your music equipment. You can pick up one at the electronics or office supply store. Plug the protector or the CVT into the wall and then plug all your musical instruments and equipment into the protector.

This will protect your expensive music equipment against power surges, fluctuation and power outages. Do not flinch on the price of purchasing an effective and good surge protectors.

Even the most expensive ones are less than $50 and some have guarantees to repay you thousands of dollars if they should ever fail to protect your record and equipment.