Why Choose to Learn Piano Yourself


Is learning from a piano teacher or in a piano class the right thing for you?

The experience of sitting down with a piano teacher or tutor has several benefits, the most important being that the teacher can respond to your individual needs. It is also of great benefit if learning advanced piano.

However, we strongly feel that for most of the adult beginners, trying to learn the piano yourself is a very viable option. Especially considering the kind of self teaching lessons that are available to you today.


The biggest advantage of self teaching piano is the resources that are available to you. We recommend Pianoforall as the lesson of choice. The reason is that it has ebooks for learning all styles of piano. It has 200 videos and audio lessons that make you feel like you are sitting and learning from a real piano teacher. And costs a fraction of what you will have to play to a piano teacher or for piano classes. Even if you are decided on taking lessons from a teacher, Pianoforall is an excellent option to giving yourself the right foundation.

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The largest argument in favour of Pianoforall is perhaps the method of teaching. It is completely different from anything you have tried so far. It is dramatically different from conventional piano lessons. You do not have to pour arduously over sheet music to learn. You can read ebook with diagrams, videos and audio lessons which enable ANYONE to learn and progress with record speed. This advantage can only be had if you decide to learn the piano yourself.


Remember, even with the self teaching piano courses, most of them are going to follow the conventional route. that is, sight reading, finger practises, teaching you old redundant music because its free from copyright etc. There are many OPTIONS when it comes to choosing online or offline piano lessons and guides.

We highly recommend Pianoforall. It is the most reasonably priced course, the best value for money and and the MOST EFFECTIVE piano learning system in the world.

Listed below are some more benefits of teaching yourself piano.

  1. It is COMPLETELY possible to learn the piano yourself.
  2. You can learn at your OWN PACE and time.
  3. You can learn ANY STYLE of piano e.g. Blues, Jazz, Pop, Ragtime, Rhythm, Classical and more.
  4. You are not restricted by WHAT and HOW the piano teacher might want to teach you.
  5. Self teaching piano guides are a faster way to learn to play.
  6. The videos and the audio lessons included in Pianoforall are as good as sitting down with a teacher and going through each lesson STEP BY STEP. And you can do it at your own pace. Whenever you have the time.
  7. Conventional piano lessons may be very SLOW and FRUSTRATING.
  8. Self teaching piano courses are geared towards the adult beginner who wants to learn piano in the fastest and simplest way.
  9. Many online piano course come from musicians of great note. These people are professionals and you couldn’t get a lesson from them even if you tried.
  10. Learning to play the piano yourself is much more reasonable than paying a piano tutor or joining a piano class.

We recommend Pianoforall, as your first step to teaching yourself the piano. We offer a 60 Days trial with an IRON CLAD money back guarantee, no questions asked. We are confident that you will like it. 

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