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Reasons For Choosing To Learn A Piano And Not Another Instrument

There are some compelling reasons why a piano ought to be your instrument of choice. In this post we talk about some of the advantages of learning the piano and what it has to offer over other instruments.

There are so many great reasons why one ought to choose piano as an instrument to learn and play.

First of all, learning music, to play or to sing is a wonderful hobby or passion to have. It had been aptly said that music is the food for the soul. People who love listening to music without necessarily playing or creating music can vouch for it. Imagine then the joys of not being just an observer but a creator of music as well.

As already said music is the food for soul. Music is a language of its own. It has the power to transcend barriers and reach straight to our souls. That’s why all kinds of music can affect us and provide us with immeasurable pleasure. So why the piano specially?

The piano has some very distinct advantages over other instruments. Let us consider them one by one.

First of all the piano has an excellent sonorific sound.

The piano has a sound that has appealed to the senses for ages past. With the passing years the piano has become more refined as an instrument and the resonance and the body of the sound have become better. It is not easy to describe what it is about the sound of the piano that makes it so appealing, but the fact is there never the less. The piano sounds great. Period.

The best dynamics amongst all musical instruments.

The way a piano sounds when you play it is rewarding enough on its own. Piano is one instrument that is capable of a great deal of dynamics when it comes to playing music. What does this mean? It means that you can play something really soft on it as well as well loud.

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Because of this the piano lends itself to almost all kinds of music from rock to classics and ballads. This kind of range is hard to find in other music instruments. Yes there are instruments like a guitar that you can play softly but even those do not come close to the dynamics of a piano.

And then are music instruments like a saxophone or trumpet that are impossible to play below a certain volume. What about the pitch of the piano? The ease with which you can play the really high and very low notes is not present in any other musical instrument.

So what we have so far is that a piano makes a great musical sound and it can play any kind of music.

Some of the best musical compositions have been written for the piano.

Expanding on that, there is just so much music available for a piano. Composers and song writers both of the old and contemporary choose piano as the instrument of choice when writing music. Legends have written music based around the piano or meant solely for it.

You will find some of the most famous music pieces by famous musicians written for the piano. From classical pieces from Bach and Beethoven to memorable movie soundtracks. When you learn the piano you open yourself to a gold mine of music. You do not have to be a composer yourself to get the benefit of learning to play the piano.

Most of us enjoy the deep satisfaction that comes with playing our favorite music. There is creativity in that as well. And after all music written by great composers get its voice when other people decide to play it years after the music was written.

We said that the piano has been the choice of composers in the past and continues to be today as well. As a beginner you should know that a piano lends extremely well to crating your own music. In fact it is difficult to think of another musical instrument that is so learner friendly.

The best way to understand music is on the piano

Understand music better. The people who start to learn music on the piano have a distinct advantage. They are more liable to understand music theory and fundamentals more clearly and quickly than with any other instrument. This again has to largely with the visual aid that a piano keyboard provides to the complete set of notes and scales. You understand and remember the chords, notes, scales and music notation better when you learn on a piano.

Till this date, even when I play the guitar or any other instrument, I visualise the piano keyboard to find the right notes and chords. Still think of piano when playing the guitar.

Learn music theory faster. If the thought if learning music theory daunts you, learning on the piano will make it easier for you. In fact it is know that you if you play while you learn you learn to read, write and understand music sheets faster.

I should mention here that there is a piano learner’s beginner’s guide by the name of Piano For All. This is piano guide takes a practical approach to teaching you everything. You will be playing the piano from day one and learn everything like music theory and reading music sheets along with actually playing the piano. Piano For All is highly recommended for all beginners. Do have a look at it.

Understanding music will make you more accompanied musician. Reading music sheets and understanding music scales and notes is an important part of learning the piano. You will open yourself to a plethora of opportunities not only to play music but to become a better player.

We might have mentioned this before, but there is really a lot of music written for the piano. With practise and time, once you become proficient with reading music, you will be able to play all of this music by getting the music sheets for any music. And these music sheets are freely and widely available.

There are so many advantages of choosing piano as the music instrument to learn. For now, we will curtail further expansion to that thought. You will experience many of them first hand. Although more of these advantages become more obvious when you have played another instrument as well.

We welcome your thoughts and additions to this post as to why you love playing the piano and why you chose it to indulge your musical nature. We wish you all the best and an enjoyable and accomplished journey with the music instrument of your choice.