Why Piano Is The Easiest Musical Instrument to Learn

Why Piano Is The Friendliest Instrument On The Planet

Think piano is difficult to learn? Think ANY other instrument and we will tell you that piano is easier to learn than that. A seemingly innocuous and simple instrument like a flute is more difficult to learn than the piano. The piano is easier to learn the guitar, the violin, the drums, the saxophone, and you name it.

Reason? Piano is the friendliest instrument that you can choose to learn and play. People confuse its size and complicity of construction and functioning to its difficult in playing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Piano lays down the entire array of music notes in front of you. To play a note, all you have to do is reach down and press a key. A child of 3 years can do it without ever having seen a piano before.

Can you name any other non-keyboard instrument that can allow you to do the same?

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To change scales, to play chords, to play melody you need to move your hands up and down a well organised system of keys. And you can freely use both hands. The piano sounds just as beautiful when you play a key for the first time or someone who has beed playing for 20 years does this. This simplicity is unmatched by any other instrument. Instruments like guitar, violin, flute, saxophone etc. take hard practise before a note can be played beautifully and perfectly on it.

So if you ever felt intimidated by the piano or felt unsure about being able to learn it, know that the piano is the friendliest musical instrument on the planet. If size is a problem, then there are many digital keyboards available that make a good substitute.

At the end of the day, the piano is a beautiful and a wonderful instrument to learn. Its legacy and heritage is unmatched. And so is its sheer potential to produce great music on its own. We wish you all the best and a speedy piano learning journey.

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